3" or 76.2mm Non locking pocket knife blade length or cutting edge ?

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  • Excellent reply & clarification KuroKitsune 👍

    My mate Rick is as black as my sense of humour & gets stopped in his Chamleon coloured Skyline GTR around North West London with a disturbing regularity that I personally had never experienced until I sampled it first hand with him.

  • Without splitting too many hairs , ....( Unlike ‘reasonable excuse’ in the Prevention Of Crimes Act 1953, you have to show ‘good reason’ (section 139 of the 1988 act), which has a much tighter interpretation. Saying that you forgot it was there is no excuse. You could say that you use it in your work, but even this explanation will not vindicate you – after arrest it will be a matter for the courts to decide.... ) So I make sure that any knife I choose to carry ( except >3" friction folder ) is beyond rapid access . e:g a 300x75mm tube in a backpack in the boot of the car .. I also have a small combination padlock on the rucksack for when on foot/bicycle...

    What..! Me ? paranoid ? officer? Nah , upstanding member of society me..

    no further questions m'Lud...