Making photos smaller with an iPhone

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  • [Thanks to @ShortNCuddlyAm for this pearl]

    Changing photo size with just an iPhone…

    Take photo

    Optional - go into Photos and do whatever editing you need - crop, adjust colour etc, then tap Done

    Still in Photos, tap the share button, bottom left (rectangle with up pointing arrow on it), then select Mail

    Enter your email address in the address bar, put a subject line in if you like (if you don't, tap ok on the warning about there being no subject line), then tap send
    You will get a pop up menu of different sizes (this pic is a bad example as I couldn't get it over 4mb, but the principle's the same - the two examples here are from the cropped and uncrossed versions) - pick a size under your posting limit :) 

    Go into Mail and open the message, then tap on the left-curling arrow, second from the right

    Select Save Image

    This will save it back to your Photos as a new image at the size you selected when you sent it :) If you go straight into Photos after doing this, it should be the last one there.