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  • A very big welcome to our South African makers friends.

    Please, be our guests and come and join in on the main forum, but also we would like you to have this as a place where you guys can chat, exchange ideas, discuss whatever you wish regarding knives and associated stuff.

    There are quite a few of us in UK who have acquired a knife or three from you fellas and we very much appreciate your skills and attitude in the knife making world, to say the very least.

    You are most welcome to show us your latest creations and also post anything you have made in the past - we are happy to showcase for you here.

    Trek 'n stoel nader ..... geniet...



    ...anyone who rides a bike and loves nature, can never be poor, we will always be happy, no matter what
    Gunther Muller

  • ..and may I add "Sawubona," as there is a very good Zulu scrimshander whio might pop in here...the SA blokes and lassies will know who he is?
    His name escapes me, as I have only seen his work on the 'Net...

  • Good show Paul et al,

    It'll be nice for the old SA Blade crowd to regather around here.

    I do think they need a Brai area as well though..... ;)

    Owning a gun or knife and not using it, is akin to not sleeping with your girlfriend to keep her neat and tidy for the next bloke.

  • Thank you Paul for giving us a place on this forum to share our love of blades.

    It is so nice to see so many of the "old" SA Blade members here.

    I look forward to see the new work you guys have done, and sharing all kinds of tips and advice.

    I have not been all that productive for the last few months, and am in the process of getting myself sorted out into a bigger and better workshop area.

    However I will share photos of a few items that I have done.


  • Hi Paul, thanks for opening the forum, it's great to see so many familiar names from SA Blade. Have had serious withdrawal symptoms since SA Blade closed up shop.

    Looking forward to interacting with all of you again.

    Cheers for now

    Best Regards

    Rick Afonso
    Afonso Knifeworks
    Cape Town
    South Africa

    Member of the Cape Knifemakers Guild