Forever SC-16WB ceramic knife

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  • The edge can now no longer cleanly cut the skin of most tomatoes, and on some types even downright sawing motions don't work anymore.
    On onions i can feel that initial resistance cutting through the top layers, but on most other foods the knife continues to work well.
    It also still scrape-shaves armhair and slices copy paper just fine, so most non-knife people would still call it quite sharp.

    Although focussing with my new USB-microscope is still quite the challenge i did manage to take some shots of the current edge from tip to heel, to show the edge damage in the form of microchips as well as the sharpening scratches in the bevels.
    My Victorinox magnifying glass had already showed me the larger microchips, but the smaller ones and the scratches which can now be seen clearly had always remained invisible to me.
    It looks like i have jumped the other diamond wheels a bit to soon before finishing with the 1 micron diamond wheel, so apparently there is some room for improvement.

  • Currently busy removing the microchips from the apex with a Paper Wheel coated with 15 micron diamond compound.
    The idea is to finish the new apex with only this compound and then find out how the knife will do with the resulting rather coarse edge (for a ceramic knife)

    Although it remains quite difficult to capture the scratch pattern in pictures, the USB-microscope proves to be very useful in showing a sharpening fault (picture 1) and an extremely small chip remnant (picture 2).
    Picture 5 also shows that the apex is already becoming translucent with this finish at 25 degrees inclusive.

  • Before i completely finished the edge to 15 micron i decided to use it just once, cutting up a box of mushrooms, some bell peppers, and some onions on my end grain wooden cutting board.
    The 3 pics below show the result: not only microchips, but larger sections of the apex measuring several millimeters have completely broken off.
    I think it's safe to say that a 15 micron edge finish is a bit too coarse for this ceramic material.

  • First resharpened the old edge with a Paper Wheel coated with 15 micron diamond compound to get rid of the damaged sections in the apex, then refined it just one step with a second Paper Wheel coated with 6 micron diamond compound.
    The new apex can whittle a chest hair towards the hair root (this is noticeably easier than towards the point of the hair), and it also has a little more bite.
    Will see how this edge finish holds up in our kitchen, as the knife is already in use again: