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    • Welcome to the Using Knives subforum

      Welcome to the "Using knives" Section on

      The purpose of this forum is to provide a space where the use of knives as tools in the furtherance of our other hobbies might be discussed in a focussed and sensible manner.

      This is the place to talk about everything from whittling knives to hunting knives all the way through to Mushroom knives and everything in between.

      Admin wish to make it abundantly clear that as the discussion of knives as weapons of offence or defence, or in the context of martial arts, is prohibited in the general forum and that the same prohibition holds here.

      Enjoy the section and we look forward to your contributions.

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    • so many of my knives and those of my wife are used by her, and very occasionally by me (Mr Hack n Slash, apparently) in the garden.
      Pruning, trimming, grafting, obviously but also there s a place for digging between stones and using as a crowbar. (Farid custom)
      Khukuris and goloks get a run out too :)
      If I inadvertently offend you I apologise. If, however, the slight was intentional ...