Warncliffe slipjoint

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  • Morning all,

    Not really had a chance to get into the workshop for a while but finally managed to finish a comission for a member here.

    The request was for a traditional style folder, warncliffe style blade and classic materials.

    It was for EDC and using so something thin and light, yet with enough weight to know it was still in his pocket.

    Blade is 2.6 mm thick RWL34, cryo treated and a shade under 3 inches. Scales are maroon micarta, integral brass bolsters with dovetails. Half stop and a positive yet lighter than normal spring (at the request of the new owner).

    Sorry about the shoddy photos...As always thanks for looking

  • .........mitred bolsters, slimmer construction..........yo!! :thumbsup:

    You're coming on in leaps n bounds - that is just great - well done.

    Ever tried 303, 304, 316 s/steel for liners and/or bolsters......?


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  • Hi Paul,

    Those bolsters are integral, brass is a lot easier to mill out than stainless...... Plus it gives the traditional look James was after.

    I have used stainless and titanium but it wastes quite a lot of material and can be expensive on tooling, guess that's the reason soldered bolsters are the norm. I personally like integral, gives an impression of strength - although that is probably not really an issue if the soldering is done well. Dovetailing the edges prevents the very thin scales from warping, again, probably not an issue if done well..... I just like "belt and braces"


  • - understood. Yes, brass is a great deal easier, however as we know, it dulls very fast.

    You will have to forgive me.........I may well congratulate people on what they achieve, but find it difficult not to encourage them forwards.

    Tooling-up for s/steel is by no means cheap. Could you possibly do s/steel liners and nickel silver bolsters - that within reach for you...?


    ...anyone who rides a bike and loves nature, can never be poor, we will always be happy, no matter what
    Gunther Muller

  • I am all in favour of encouragement and betterment....... So thank you.

    Tooling up for stainless is not the issue.... I am happy to spend money and fortunate that as a hobby maker I don't have to recoup it from the customer, I just make what I like..... And I happen to like brass.... And O1.....and traditional slipjoints.....That said I have a titanium and RWL locker on the bench at the moment......

    I could, as you suggest, go the stainless liners and nickel silver bolsters route, but that's what most folks do, it's the norm. Milling out liners, getting the dovetails flush and parallel takes a lot of time and is costly in waste (regardless of material) it's not something many makers do for these very reasons. It's also a massive PITA, stress, test of machining skills, learning oportunity and distraction from the real world...... And in my opinion, when it goes right makes a nice end product..... I guess that's the reason I do it..... What's the saying? "Better, different or cheaper"....... Well, the first and last are difficult, so different it is.

    Thanks again for all the help and support Paul, please keep it coming.

  • Nice work as usual Matt, and of course, the customer is always right, I kinda get where Chui is coming from though..............imagine this with a nice slim wharnie blade? :love:

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