Workshops / Garages / man-caves / whatever you call them.

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    • Chui wrote:

      Jimmypie wrote:

      Hugh , I wish I could have a bank of grinders just for different belts (maybe one day ) but it's more for changing the tool arms constantly , an example , say I'm hollow grinding and want to start bringing the flats in nice and sharp before moving up a grit on the hollow ,I'll do this for every grit I use ,
      Usually from 120grit to finish
      - yes, few years ago when visiting Des Horn I realised the significance of this after I'd asked - and there's more to the left just out of picture - I would guess it allows you far more continuity and creativity when working on a blade's grinds

      Phwoooor Look at that large wheel!!!
    • Had a trial run yesterday on the new layout and having the two grinders so far apart just didn't work , whilst nice to have that feeling of a little more space whilst using it just cramped up the area around the pillar drill and left a big big dead space between them , so for now they shall rest nestled together , if I take on more larger zombie kebab knives then for that extra room I can simply remove the tool arms from the right hand grinder giving me a fair amount of elbow room either side .
      Also rigging up the main extractor , I've put a pair of hoods above as this is where most of the airborne dust gets thrown from , I'll also fit a pair in front with my catch buckets attached for the hot work and rig up old faithful Henry into the sides of those hoppers. (Another hood / funnel is yet to arrive for the front)

    • Jimmypie wrote:

      Mafro wrote:

      Where are the hoods from @Jimmypie they look great
      Axminster has been the cheapest place but these are very thick / heavy duty ones , the one I've been using for a catch pit hasn't melted and I've had big fist sized lumps of glowing steel wool build up and stuck on it many times ,
      Delivery is only £1 :)
      Thanks Jim. Another couple of items added to the shopping list for the new workshop.
    • As a very new member to this community it humbles me to see such astonishing worships aswell as the pieyes of art they create.

      I'm hoping to begin building a worship soon, i have a small outbuilding that has recently been finished with heavy marble worktops,lights and power. however my question is too all of the experienced and inexperienced makers what items/tools would you recommend? now I'm not talking top of the range, i don't mind spending a bit of money for decent gear thats going to last. I'm ideally looking to get gear thats good enough to create knives but also won't kill my bank.

      cheers Joe
    • @Tanto-Joe , surprised no-ones answered you yet , that's a tricky question to answer ,for business or pleasure ? what type of knives do you want to make ? And realistically you need to state a budget and what you want to achieve with it , a small 1x30 grinder, pillar drill and some hand tools could get you well on your way for under £200 and with a bit of patience you can get some good results , a basic 2x72 belt grinder with no VFD would set you back around £500-600 , add another £300 ish and you'll have speed control , if your wanting to use thick stock steel then £200 for a bigger entry level pillar drill would be handy , as would a small bandsaw or table saw for similar money , basic area extraction is a must once you move up to a bigger grinder , plugging a Hoover on the side just won't cut it , I've been using a 1.5hp 50ltr drum type extractor which connects to 4" ducting directly , you can route that or split it off to different tools if you wish and still get adequate dust clearance it was £90 delivered , less than a dozen grinding belts so invest early and start as you mean to go on , always wear a good quality full seal mask and ear plugs on top , eye protection is strongly reccomended too , nothing fun about picking a steel splinter out of your eye .
    • @Jimmypie thanks for the insight, I'm looking at the £200-£300 pound region to start off. Also I'm building for pleasure at the moment and will hope to start with a relatively thin stock so hopefully i will not need a large saw. I'm looking to use hand tools to begin with in order to create a sense of hard work, and because my work takes up a lot of my time so whilst having the expensive tools would be nice, i don't think at the moment its worth over spending on items i won't use to much.
    • I hadn't noticed your question @Tanto-Joe, but think @Jimmypie covers it quite well. The reality is you will spend most of your life, once you start, gathering new tools, upgrading one's you have, Tweeking them etc. As I am sure most here that enjoy working in their workshop ( whether knife making or not, not in my case) will have spent years building up what they have and use, myself I have been at it for well over twenty years. And still have a list as long as my arm that I would like to add to it.
      In everyone's case what is essential depends on the work they do, in my case I mess about with general fabrication so the heavy powerful pillar drill was a priority, so more funds were spent on that than on the grinder. Which I also get good use out of, but it is the standard Clarke units that a lot of people start with.
      If you want to go the hand tool route don't skimp on the quality of files. There are big differences between a '5 for a fiver' file and a quality file that might cost you two or three times that for a single file.
      Spend the money, and then take care of them.
      You can hand cut the blank with a hacksaw , but I think you should get a small angle grinder. You want the work and enjoyment of making the knife, not just cutting the blank.
      A pillar drill is not essential, but will vastly improve your drilling accuracy, and prolong the life of your drill bits.
      Don't skimp on the cheap bits either.

      If you want to do it hand made, literally.
      You can, buy the stock, and find a good stone from your garden, and use that to grind the blank to the required shape. It may take some time. All the tools mentioned above are just ways to speed up the process, what you need to decide is how much you want to speed it up by.

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    • About 2.5 years to amass this lot. Started out in a polytunnel. The grinder has been a continual work in progress - it only got the plinth a few days ago. If I need a new accessory for it I just make it, including casting a wheel from aluminum and making a tyre for it with polytec. The polytec I chose was too soft but live n learn.. A lot of stuff is hanging from the ceiling, It's nice to be able to reach up and grab it - first order retrievability as Adam Savage would say. The table in the middle of the room is an alexander 3a pantograph with a door clamped to it, heavy beast. It had a part missing which I only managed to source very recently so that's the next project, the project after that is to find a new table. It may look chaotic but it makes sense in my head. The one good thing about a relatively small workshop is you don't have to walk far to get what you want..
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    • - have visited many knife makers workshops, and I'm often totally amazed at what beautiful gleaming gems appear from seemingly dark caves of chaos :lol:

      Great stuff, really enjoy this thread and seeing where all the magic's created :thumbsup:

      ...anyone who rides a bike and loves nature, can never be poor, we will always be happy, no matter what
      Gunther Muller
    • earthman wrote:

      Bdshim wrote:

      I'm soon building a workshop as the time has come for me to earn my own living.
      Will be basically 15 meter by 5 meter box in a large barn made from 4x2 6x2 and osb board simple but functional.
      Will update as and when once things start going
      Best of luck with it, what kind of living/things will you be doing in there?
      Bespoke furniture and joinery or anything wood related