How to share a specific post

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  • If you see a post within a thread that you would like to share somewhere else i.e. Facebook or another forum, this tutorial will show you how.

    You will see that in the top right hand corner of the specific post that you want share, there is an orange coloured post number preceded by a # mark:

    When you click on that hash-marked number, a new dialogue box appears with three types of code:

    Choose the type of link that you need.

    If you are going to post the link in another forum, try using the BBCode, if you're sharing elsewhere try the Permalink. You might need to try both to see which works for the particular site you are sharing to.

    When you click on the code that you need it will automatically highlight the whole code in a blue colour:

    You need to copy this code to your clipboard, so press Ctrl and C (at the same time) or right click with your mouse and select Copy.

    You can now copy this link where you want to. Initially it will show like this . . .

    But when you submit your message/post, it gives the condensed title of the link and hyperlinks it for people to click on:

    Hope that helps.