How To Subscribe

Welcome to EM's new look and feel! Please have a quick read of this post and feel free to raise any queries.
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    • Why would I want to subscribe?

    Well, apart from supporting this non-profit forum, you get further benefits over and above a non-subscribing member.

    • What benefits do I get?

    That depends on which subscription you choose. There are a variety to choose from, and each gives you different benefits. Here is the list of all the available subscriptions, but if you've already subscribed see what upgrades are available to you, here. :) 

    • Excellent. I like the idea. How do I sign up?

    I'm glad you asked. :D 

    If you scroll to the top of your browser page, (doesn't matter where you are in the forum), you will see the top toolbar, at the top right of the toolbar you should have something that looks like this, and you should click on your own avatar (not likely to be a Spyderco Matriarch 2 unless you also have one of those beauties )

    Once you've clicked your avatar, a dropdown 'Control Panel' will appear and you need to click on the 'Paid Subscriptions':

    Have a read through each of the different subscriptions carefully, and then you can go ahead and click on the button, 'Purchase with Paypal' at the bottom of whichever subscription you like e.g. if you want the perks that come with a Maker subscription, then click on that:

    It's as simple as that. Now you can feel good about supporting this forum, and can enjoy the extra features :thumbsup: