Using #Hashtags to Create Instant Search Tags

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  • One of the cool features of the forum software is that the # symbol can be used to create instantly searchable tags in any post.

    That means for example: When you are posting about your favorite maker you can tag their name with a hashtag.

    Like this ---> #Masonknives

    Now the tag you have created acts as a link:

    Clicking on it will generate a search page that looks like the one below:

    You can tag any general term and it becomes an instant search link.

    A couple of things to be aware of, you can tag member's names, but the search results will only show posts where the member's name has been used in a post, it does not directly show that member's other posts.

    Also, the # hashtag must have no spaces in it.

    #Mason Knives doesn't work.

    This is a particularly useful feature for those members who will be posting their own work, or when members are posting the work of specific makers.

    For example; a maker could include a tag in every image post of their work allowing someone who came across any photo of their work to instantly pull up a list of posts showing other work of theirs, members can use the tag when they post images of the maker's work as well. It is a clever way to make your contributions easily searchable. Be careful to use novel tags that are not going to be common words appearing in posts as it will search all instances of the word, not just other tags!

    This is only one example of how this useful feature can be used, try it out, and build your own searchable library of posts!!