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  • Welcome to Production & Mid-Tech Knives

    Welcome to the Production & Mid-Tech Knives subforum.

    For pictures, chat, questions, about this group of knives.

    Their definitions often have subtle variations from person to person, but can be considered more or less as follows.

    Production knives: May possibly have been designed by one person but are made by a multi-person production process and/or a machine-based production process. It must be remembered that machinery and production methods are now so accurate and sophisticated that some production models have all the feel and apparent quality of a handmade knife.

    Mid-Tech knives: Where parts of a knife making process can be outsourced but the final piece is assembled by the maker himself, the maker having completed the majority of the work in the making process. If the majority of the work is by hand but carried out by employees, this would be classified by many as production, not Mid-Tech.

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