How to search the whole forum

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  • Looking for something in particular on Edge Matters? Before posting a new thread on the topic you are interested in, have a look through the forum using the 'Search' function to see if your question has been answered previously.

    (Please note that any sections of the forum that you have chosen to hide will be excluded from any search you perform).

    1. To search the whole forum for a particular term, make sure you click on the main 'Forum' tab (if you want to search one particular section of the forum, please see the mini-tutorial on 'How to search a specific section of the forum'):

    2. Then look in the top right-hand corner of your screen, and you will see this:

    3. Click on the magnifying glass symbol, and you will see the below appear where you can either just type in the word you want to search and leave the left hand drop down option as 'Everywhere' to search...everywhere, or select an area of the forum where you want to search. If it's a term the predictive engine recognises, it may suggest options:

    Hit your keyboard's Enter key, or click on the magnifying glass again to have your search results displayed.