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  • Rules for Using the Edge Matters Forum

    This is a friendly forum and we request that you are polite and use courtesy and common sense when posting here. If you aren’t sure what we mean by common sense, possibly you should not be posting here. In any case, please read these rules carefully and adhere to the spirit of them.

    It’s impossible for us to cover every single eventuality and it would be pointless to try, so the rules below cover the big picture and we hope you will use your own judgement to guide you on the finer details.

    If your idea of following the spirit of these rules does not align with ours we will soon let you know.

    1. Age limit

    • 1.1 Edge Matters is open for anyone aged 18 years and above. Don’t lie about your age when you join up.
    • 1.2 In exceptional circumstances we will accept members aged 16, subject to an approved application/enquiry to Admin.

    2. Profile Information

    • 2.1 Your user profile must show in the "Location" section your country of residence, at minimum, or unambiguous town or region name if you are in the UK and prefer that, but it must be one or the other.
    • 2.2 You must sign up with your correct birth date for the purposes of validation that you are over 18.
    • 2.3 You must not pass yourself off as any other person, company or organisation.
    • 2.4 You may only create ONE account.
    • 2.5 You must provide your real name and full postal address if you wish to buy or sell on the forum. This is for protection of both buyers and sellers.

    3. Subject matter

    The following topics are NOT PERMITTED in forum posts:

    • 3.1 Cross-forum bitching or defamatory remarks about other forums and/or their members.
    • 3.2 Any and all forms of pornography/nudity no matter how 'soft core'.
    • 3.3 Links to any pornographic or unsuitable site.
    • 3.4 Discussion of Politics (except in regard to knives), Religion, Ethnicity, Creed or Sexuality.
    • 3.5 Gratuitous use of foul language, swearing or cussing.
    • 3.6 Bullying, misogyny, sexism.
    • 3.7 Martial arts, fighting, combat, self-defence and similar.
    • 3.8 Discussion of knives that may not be legally held in the UK, outside the (members only) forum for this purpose.

    4. Photographs and Images

    Most of the photos posted here will undoubtedly be of knives, but all images (whether featuring knives or not) must adhere to these guidelines.

    • 4.1 Any images that would not be suitable for viewing at an average workplace (e.g. nudity, extreme violence, drug taking and other adult themes) are unacceptable. Please generally exercise discretion and common sense when posting pictures in keeping with the courteous spirit of the forum. If you are in any doubt, please contact the forum moderators prior to posting, in order to avoid disputes and misunderstandings.
    • 4.2 Any posting of images is subject to review, and the determination of what is acceptable is at the sole discretion of the moderators. They will take appropriate action should any picture be deemed to be offensive or aggressive, and their decisions are final.

    5. Copyright

    Copyright material must not be posted, other than your own, without permission from the copyright holder.

    • 5.1 You maintain the Copyright to anything you publish here so long as it was yours in the first place.
    • 5.2 If you post anyone's copyright material with their permission, you must credit them (and if you don't have their permission, you can't post it at all, see above).

    6. Links

    • 6.1 Keep links relevant.
    • 6.2 Do not post links to generic sales sites like eBay, Gumtree etc. — make them specific.
    • 6.3 No linking to your own stuff for sale elsewhere.
    • 6.4 No linking to items for sale that are not legal for purchase in the UK.

    7. Competitions etc

    • 7.1 No posts promoting raffles, auctions, surveys, contests, coupons, marketing campaigns or related activities will be allowed without prior approval of Edge Matters. Any such requests are treated on a case by case basis. Please contact Admin if you have any questions. The exception to this is the Competitions forum where small-scale personal competitions with low value prizes may be arranged.

    8. Subscriptions

    • 8.1 Should you choose to buy a subscription it is valid until such time as it expires, or you decide to leave the forum by asking us to close your account, or you are banned. There will be no refunds for cancelled subscriptions, regardless of the reason.

    9. Selling on EM

    • 9.1 If you are a maker or seller of knives for profit, you may not make posts that showcase your own work or products in non-sales areas unless you have the appropriate Maker, EM Maker, or Seller subscription, because this constitutes advertising. You need the appropriate subscription level if you want to sell your stuff on here. EM is a non-profit organisation that exists for the benefit of its members. Don't try and get something for nothing from it. If you are a hobbyist maker or very small scale and only sell rarely then sure, post the odd one in the WIP or Handmade threads, but if you start selling them regularly, you are probably a Maker and will need to buy a Subscription. The rules are the same for everyone.

    10. The Rules

    • 10.1 We reserve the right to amend or update the rules without notice.

    If you are in any doubt as to whether you should post something, seek the advice of a Moderator or Administrator before you post!

    Now that you've read the rules, please introduce yourself if you haven't already done so!