Cutting carpet.

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  • Some time back I had to decarpet a large house. I set about the task with my trusty dodo which litteraly ate the job for breakfast. I found I could cut about five feet per swipe by stretching my arm out as far as I couls in front and cutting straight back as far as I could. The reverse s blade is small but it sank right in and never slipped out once. Job done and it was still razor sharp.

    Conversly, last week I had to do a little bit of carpet cutting in an alotment. I used a stanly as the carpet was obviously clogged with soil and I didn't want to knacker the dodo. It took forever. I could only cut a foot or so each swipe before the blade jumped out and it was blunt and needed replacing after about 5 feet. Thankfully I had a fair few spare blades but it was a real pain.

    Anyone in the carpet game or got any experience/tips they wish to share?

  • IMO any Spyderco with a hawkbill serrated blade will chew up everything, especially on draw cuts.

    once or twice maybe , then you've got to sharpen it , disposable on carpet or an easy to maintain fixed blade and a chefs steel , I've ripped up more carpets than I care to remember , old hessian backed and full of grit kills any knife in a few strokes .

  • I second the concave blade,,, was a carpet fitter for some years knees went south back went northward hook blades were best used on Polyflor the stuff they put in hospitals cap and cove easy stuff to work with if you had the right blade ,,hey Jim just joined on here trying to get work my way around hope you well fella them belts work fantastic Thankyou Dee

  • I had to re-carpet one of our rooms a few years ago. I ended up using my UKPK. It was going through it like a lightsaber. Didn't even have to re-sharpen it afterwards. That's the S30V versiin by the way.

  • When I got my Fallkniven S-1 I decided to give it a tough test ! Getting rid of a stair carpet where it had obviously tracked in large amounts of sand , dirt etc !
    The VG-10 held up fine though the softer outer layers scratched up a good bit . That was a first real test of a laminated blade.

    Jimmiepie, I have a fine folder for the replaceble blade knives. The brand is "Superknife" sold by AGRussell. That was forced out by all the lesser ,mostly Chinese, knives .
    My stair carpet was replaced by Kydex [yes ! ] with a commercial edge on the step made of grooved aluminum [ aluminium ]. My old house has a narrow ,shallow step which is not the safest , certainly with my big feet .