Using the quote manager

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  • There are a few ways you can quote someone on Edge Matters, and I will begin by explaining the most simple of them all, and work up through the other methods of quoting forum members.

    Option 1

    1. If you see a post you want to quote in a thread, in the bottom right-hand corner, you will see a panel with (some) these symbols. You want the icon of the opening speech marks:

    2. Then scroll down to the end of the thread or where you see one of these buttons and click it:


    3. The quote you selected will be automatically inserted into the text editor box. Write your response and 'Submit' the post as usual.

    Option 2

    1. If you see more than one post that you want to quote in a thread, use the steps detailed in Option 1 for each of the posts, i.e. you click on the inverted speech marks for each post you want to quote.

    Option 3

    1. If you want to quote a portion of someone's post, then you go to their post and highlight the text you want to quote using your left mouse button. Doing this will make the 'Save Quote' and 'Insert Quote' options appear:

    2. Click on 'Insert Quote' and this will auto insert the section of that post into your text editor. Or click 'Save Quote' and this will automatically save the quote into the forum's Quote Manager, which can be found in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. You'd do this if you want to quote sections of multiple people's posts so you save lots of them into the quote manager, or if you want to post this selected portion of the quote(s) somewhere else on the forum. Just be sure to refresh the page of the forum you want to post the saved quote in to so that the quote manager is also refreshed for the target page:

    If you no longer wish to use the quotes, be sure to click 'Remove All Quotes', and this will remove them from your Quote Manager.