Shing Straight Razors Review

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  • I have been using a straight razor for many years. So when Shing asked for volunteers to test shave, I was happy to help.

    First Impressions

    With straight razors getting the geometry of the grind right is key. Shing got it bang on.

    Thin even bevel and a blunt at the toe of the square point so it doesn't dig into your cheeks .

    It's shoulder less at the heel which is alway good as it makes honing easier and less likely to damage stones.

    The design and weight is good and feels good in the hand.

    The one thing that I would like slightly changed is the width of the handles where it meets the tang.

    Keeping them the same width of the tang would give better control when stropping.


    I grew a beard for a few week to give a good test.

    The razor came well honed with a exellent edge. The shave was smooth with no tugging which is a good testament. After two passes I was good to go.

    From bearded to smooth in two passes.

    I was very impressed with the performance just as good as any vintage razor I've owned and shave ready on delivery. Good stuff all round, now bin those electric razors and join the revolution ✊😁.

  • Thanks for the review.

    I would like to see your edge maintenance gear, as I've always imagined free hand honing as beyond my skill set.

    - perhaps, given the geometry and edge a razor arrives with, together with a decent leather strop, you will be well capable of keeping a good edge


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  • Thanks for the review.

    I would like to see your edge maintenance gear, as I've always imagined free hand honing as beyond my skill set.

    For edge maintenance and half decent stropp and finishing hone is all that's needed. I use a shell cordovan stropp and Belgian coticule hone, but there are cheaper alternative.

    With a razor that arrives with a good edge that all that's needed. If I need to reset the bevel I have a 1000grit king stone .

    When I first started using a straight razor, the advice I was given was to send my razors out to get professional honing. It's really not that difficult, watching a few YouTube video and a bit practice and I'm sure you'd master it.

  • My sharpening kit, only for razors

    you can make out the grit/micron size on the glass plates, 40mic is about 400 grit, so very corse, as such 40 and 30 only get used for say 5 laps each, before moving to the finer grades. i change the tape for each grit, 5 and 3 mic are the main grits, 1mic to get the nice edge and point 3 is the finisher. its more expensive in the long run, but i don't do that much honing, so its not an issue, also i don't have to keep truing my stones etc. i got my films from workshop heaven, no affiliations etc like all this stuff ymmv.

  • Shing sent me another to try out this week. This one is in EN42 steel , which I am informed is a similar to the cast steel that some old vintage razors are made from.

    The geometry was bang on and it took a super keen edge with minimal stropping. The shave it delivered was very close after only two passes.

    This one has a round point , which I always recommend to new straight razor users (less likely to stick into your cheeks).