Pocket Stone

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  • What sort of grit is generally recommended for a on-the-go touchup stone (the sort you'd pop into a sheath pocket)? I'd imagine something on the coarser end around 200ish, so you can put some kind of edge on a dull tool, and leave the fine stuff to home?

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  • And another.

    I carry a DC3 on me every day but that's just because the size if more compatible with my carry method, the DC4 is the better stone to use.

    I've had good results from the DMT stones too and would also opt for the blue if its for 'as and when' type use or the red if its for habitual daily 'sharpen it after each use' type sharpening.

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  • I've got a fine 'India' slip stone about 4" x 1" that does the emergency touch-up trick for Mora etc. and another Arkansas stone the same size for 'nice' knives like my Wolverine. Which stone I take depends on which knife is with me.

    I should have said that if I have large pockets or somewhere to keep it, I really like the Lansky 4-rod Turn Box; it gets a nice 'using' edge on my 'using' knives. I haven't tried to use it with a Scandi grind though; it might not be the right tool for that purpose.

  • A vote for the blue + red DMT diafold here.

    Another option would be the Spyderco Doublestuff 2 (It is much pricier even when/if you are able to find one however, the DC4 is much more cost-friendly. This is the iteration with a coarse CBN side and a fine ceramic side).

    Warning: bit of a ramble about the DC4 in the spoiler, probably not for this thread. Though I'd like to see if anyone else has come across this.

    All that being said I carried the DC4 and a spyderco ultra-fine rod with me for a couple of years and that was very good for on-the-go.