Never lose your post/thread text again!

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  • Exiting a post or thread whilst you are still composing it

    If you ever find yourself having to close your browser, or having to exit to another part of the forum (such as by clicking on the 'bread crumb' links NOT on 'Cancel'), then this forum's software may really help you out.

    The text you write either in a new post or thread gets saved by the server every few seconds, so when you next come back in to the same post or thread, your text should still be there (so long as you didn't press 'Cancel').

    To try this out:

    1. Start a new post by scrolling to the end of the thread or by clicking:


    2. Then write some text in the text editor box that appears:

    3. Wait a few moments, and then click on one of the 'bread crumb' links (think of the classic Hansel and Gretel...these links show where you've come from) which can be found just below the main forum tab...they won't necessarily say exactly what these below say, but this is where they can be found:

    4. Now you've clicked on one of these 'bread crumbs', find the thread you were posting your last bit of text in, and reply to the thread by clicking:


    5. The text you had written previously should reappear in there, along with a box in the bottom right hand corner of the text editor box which says: 'Draft restored'

    6. If you want to keep this text, either continue writing and finish off the post as normal or click on the green tick to confirm you want to keep it and then continue writing or finishing or post, or click the red cross to delete it.

    **Please note that this currently only works for text in the main body of a thread or post - thread titles and attachments will not be saved. Even though the attachments may still appear in your view of the thread, they will not show for anyone else.**