Forge-in at Bushfire forge May 18th to 20th 2018.

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    I have Dates for the bi annual forge in at Bushfire Forge.

    18th to 20th May 2018...

    BushFire Forge on the Kent /London Border UK

    3 Days of demonstrations, lectures and forging etc.

    Demonstrations and Lectures by: (more information soon)

    Jeff Helmes – Canada

    Paul Macdonald – Scotland

    James Elmslie – Scotland

    Blenheim Forge– England

    Mick Maxen – England

    Grace Horne – England

    Owen Bush – England

    More info Here.

    and a little Good year, Good will.

    Next year May 18th- 20th is my biannual forge in, 50 to 70 people from the craft , from many countries gathering to share knowledge and talk shop and drink beer on the weekend of the 18th 19th 20 May.The forge in has a cost of £150 which I use to cover some of the expenses of the gathering (Its a non profit event, I aim to break even but normally make a loss)

    Anyhow I am aware that for some people especially those struggling to make a living from the craft the cost of the event and getting to it, can make it too expensive to attend.
    I have gotten a great deal from gatherings like this, from a technical POV as well as the camaraderie of my fellow craftspeople. I have found it invaluable knowing that I am not alone in my work and I have made some great friends.
    So I guess this is a small way for me to try and give something back, my craft has treated me well.
    I would like to offer up 4 spaces at the forge in for free, and I am willing to cover travel expenses and a sum for food and drink at the event, so attending should cost these 4 people nothing .
    I am really aiming this at people who have started in the craft, so students or Makers rather than absolute beginners.
    So if you would like to come to a Major Bladesmithing gathering. but can't afford it or know someone who fits the bill, email me some details about yourself/them and your/their work at
    This will only be open to people living in the UK (unless there are no takers in which case I may expand it)
    I am not interested in knowing anyones financial situation (asking is enough) and will keep any correspondences and names private.

    Wishing a happy new year to you all, may your fires burn bright in 2018. Hope to see a few of you in May.