Blades and Bows Slipjoint evaluation

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  • I've now got Jimmy's slipjoint and first impressions are very good - if I didn't know the price I would have said thirty quid or so. It's almost twice the weight of a G10 UKPK, so quite a handful too. I've only opened a couple of boxes so far, photos and more impressions after I've given it a bit of a go.

    Thanks for the loan Jim :thumbsup:

  • Here are a couple of comparison shots with the standard units of measurement;

    As you can see, it's a big old unit, rather more substantial than the UKPK. I wrote the weights down but lost the scrap of paper... The blade came (from Jim) shaving sharp and holds a good edge. As Jim said the clip is RH tip-down only which is exactly wrong for me, bit it is a decent clip all the same, holds tight and low profile.

    The blade shape is more useful than I first thought, the concave top allows control for fine work. I can open it one-handed if my hands are dry or it would work well with a Kwik-stud like on my Pingo;

    The handle is just right for (my size large glove) hand and gives a good grip.

    What don't I like? I'm glad you asked. The shape of the handle locks you in to one grip that doesn't work for me. I like a big choil a la UKPK and this feels a bit remote and far from the blade for me to really trust it yet. Also the jimping on the spine is a bit far forward. This is all very subjective tho but.

    There is a decent half-stop, not quite as nice as the Spydies. The blade is nicely centred with no play.

    All in all I like it a lot - it certainly punches above its weight and for fifteen quid I don't mind mullering it and saving my 'better' knives. Is the UKPK better? Yes. Is it five times better? Not at all. Bargain of the year, I reckon.

    If someone else would like a go on it let me know and I'll send it on - it might as well do the rounds :) I can't post it for a week or so, so that'll give me a bit more time with it too.

  • Interesting knife

    Does the spring sit proud in the shut position too? I’ve had a few lockback knives with proud springs over the years. Knives deemed to be good quality such as Moki made knives too. My thoughts with this is the manufacturer is erring on the side of caution with the tang/blade interface. The lockbar end essentially drops into the blade tang slot like a wedge. Tricky as too loose and there will be movement, too tight and the lock will stick, be proud and/or not engage properly.

    Is there any blade movement when the knife is open? When the knife is open can you squeeze the lockbar down further? If the answers are no the first and yes to the second then I would say they are being cautious and have allowed for future wear. Over time the lock tang will settle flat.

    My last Caly 3 was like this, I’m impatient and luckily you can remove the blade from the Caly. Once you do this the lock bar swings out and I gently removed a tiny bit of material from the FRONT edge of the bar. Now the lack tang still sits a hair proud but a bit of pressure with my thumb brings it flush