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    The Mah Journeyer is one of those odd knives where the math doesn't add up, it has a lot wrong with it, tbh almost everything is wrong with it, but I still really like it. ^^ I've got three of them littered about, same with the No.5.

    The main gripe though with the Journeyer is that is sails a bit too close to the line legally. It's intended that it be a legal knife in countries where locks are prohibited, but our law states very clearly that a folding pocket knife must be immediately foldable at all times, the Journeyer isn't. When the pin is in place it can't be folded. Really if a knife can be locked open then it's a locking knife.

    To my mind that means it's not s.139 compliant unless you leave the pin at home, in which case, what's the point?

    The Mah No.5 on the other hand has no such mechanism waiting to get you into trouble. Yet the deep choil is totally sufficient to avoid the user sustaining injuries from an unintended closure. I have batoned wood with mine, because I'm an idiot and I do such things, it's totally capable to performing heavy work without damage to the knife or user.

    I will say though that the ergos on the Journeyer are far better. The No.5 isn't designed for human hands as far as I can tell. The Journeyer has a more subtle clip and is a better slicer too. But that's about it for the Journeyer's pros. The No.5 wins in all other areas.

    Given the choice between the two for UK legal carry it'd be the No.5 for me. You have grounds to carry a locker then it'd be the Journeyer, but then you'd surely just take a decent locker with you instead ^^

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    I'm with you there. The Journeyer has the ergonomic design of a brick, yet I've found it to be very comfortable thus far. And you're right about the pin, I always took it out of the knife and left it at home so that it didn't even have the potential of being a locking knife, just to be safe. Sadly that meant I inevitably lost it eventually, so I couldn't 'lock' it now even if I wanted to.

    Just bit the bullet and bought a No. 5. Thanks to Heinnie's great service I should be able to give some first impressions on Monday ;)

    Thanks for the reply.

  • Late to the party but have been watching these since the HH email went out earlier this week. Before that I'd never seen or heard of the No5.

    They look great for budget EDC. The kind of thing you can toss in a coat pocket and not sweat about. No doubt I'll tear them to shreds when they arrive... completely forgetting that they cost only 25 quid.

    Just bought several as Christmas gifts. Flash it up a bit with a bead on red 550... and I'll see how many converts I can make. :thumbup: