2x Large Hard Knife Cases (Pelicase style) Big enough for any collection

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  • Sick of opening every drawer and finding more folders?

    Keep finding scratches and dinks from letting them knock into each other?

    Want some way of keeping them all in one place which (purely coincidentally) be easier to hide from your significant other?

    Then look no further- I have 2x Peli-style hard cases that will do the job.

    These are BIG cases: EACH case holds 108 folders in the way the foam is set up.

    Outside dimensions on 27" x 14" by 7" deep.....Deep enough inside for even the biggest monster folder from CS

    Has the pressure valve for travel.

    Used but Perfect working order- pick'n'pluck is a little battered in places but still very servicable. Stickered as shown but they will peel off if you're not a Spyderco fan

    Cost me £190 each a while back: £105 EACH posted and paypalled to you....Or less than the cost of one decent folder ;)

    Happy to do a deal on the pair