Graphite sheet and radius platen for my grinder.

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  • Hello everyone.

    Some time ago I have talked to one of my favourite kitchen knifemakers in the UK and he told me that he is using graphite sheet glued to the platen to reduce the friction of the belt. My platen is getting really hot quite quickly. Do you know where I could get anything like that in the UK? Also I am looking for radius platens, which could imitate huge Japanese grinding waterwheels. Is there something like that available in UK? Thanks in advance


  • I made a platen out of a pieces of large diameter pipe.

    If you go to a industrial supply store that sells belt grinders like Makita or similar brands they should stock the graphite sheet that those manufactures

    put on their grinders.

    I just looked and here is the part number

    Makita 423036-6 Replacement Graphite Pad for 9924DB Belt Sander

  • I have tried using the graphite and found that it wore away incredibly quickly leaving an uneven surface, pretty much a non starter for me.

    a while ago I bought a radius platten and water cooled heat exchange matrix from a guy in maerica. I have not used it yet. it was not cheap.

    how hot is the platten getting? just some fins would probably cool it down or possably having the belt running looser over it.