Hand tools / drills / taps job lot. Big Price Drop.

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  • For sale:

    Tools job lot, some stuff i'm not using.

    - Big thread tap ratched.

    - Medium thread tap ratched

    - 1/4 ratched.

    - Drill bit set from 1 t/m 10 mm from Wurth Zebra.

    - Thread taps M4/M4/M4/M5/M6/M6/M6/M6.

    - Counter sink drill bit.

    - Divers used drill bits.

    - Drill bits set Stanley.

    - Screw bits set Stanley.

    - Mill drils wood.

    - Screw extractor bits.

    Most of it is new but everything is in good condition.

    Prijs is now 65 50 pound including shipping.




    Kind regards JP