Sorry, guys..............posts will be deleted if........

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  • Guys n Gals :thumbsup:

    Most of our time moderating is spent sending messages to members because they continually disregard the Rules.

    Very sorry, but we cannot continue ad nauseum, particularly members who have been here a while and should know better 8o Therefore some posts will be deleted and no message sent.

    We don't put the rules in place to be dominant, exercise power, anything like that..........we do it so it ensures the smooth, safe and happy running of the forum, but particularly the Sales area

    Most common occurrences are:

    - bumping too early

    - no photos with sales

    - too many sales per subscribed membership.

    Thank you

    Mod Team :)


    ...anyone who rides a bike and loves nature, can never be poor, we will always be happy, no matter what
    Gunther Muller

  • I support Paul here. It's got out of hand.

    We have the same rules that Admin & members alike abide by.

    In the past hughtrimble has torn me off a strip for a sales transgression. He was right. Terms & conditions of use are same for all of us. Read them please.

    I'm losing many hours & lost sleep over this infernal Gov consultation. I'm not the only one. Have a think people.:thumbup:

  • Chui, I think that table must be out of date.

    I've spent ages trying to find out how to have a conversation (PM) with a seller, before stumbling across another thread that tells me that basic (free of charge "Bronze" and "Tin") membership no longer gives access to that feature

    - yes, many apologies Keith_Beef we should've changed the table when this was announced Change in terms & conditions to basic subscriptions effective 31-07-2017


    ...anyone who rides a bike and loves nature, can never be poor, we will always be happy, no matter what
    Gunther Muller

  • Good evening Chui i agree with what you are saying in terms of posts being deleted for not following rules, but deleting them without notification is counter productive in my opinion, there are a lot of different rules and regulations for the various levels of subscriptions and a lot to digest, nobody is perfect and we all drop off every now and then, may I ask why a simple message of notification to the offender if a post is deleted cannot be sent? If the said offender does not get notified how can they learn? At the moment they can't because they will be More than likely completely unaware they have done any wrong due to them being unaware their post has been deleted, even a generic message directing them to re-read the rules could be an idea maybe? At least they are aware they have not followed the rules and have the chance to act on it.

    This is NOT a rant by the way, it is more of a suggestion to help us members tow the line :thumbup:

  • basherdan

    We are primarily aiming this at repeat offenders of which there have been a considerable number. I can promise you that we know the difference & messages are tailored accordingly.

    We try to maintain a balanced approach to these "first world problems" in context ;)

  • Shame you can't automate that into your software as it was on BB, are you telling me every time a sales thread is bumped one of you has to manually check the last two dates on it? Sounds like a faff to me.

    If one of us hasn't picked up on it another member will. We really didn't want to put some hard system in place, we're all adults and wanted to be able to trust people to know there subs and react accordingly.

  • I agree Ian. you are right.:thumbup:

    We had initially hoped that members would self manage their sales. Many do.:thumbup: The bump throttle was discussed more, then we "upgraded" the software..

    The new software package has not been without issue. Other priorities including our health & wellbeing took precedence. A bump throttle is an inevitable conclusion.