Back to old school knife making

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  • H all,

    wrote a novel the other day.

    but as I mentioned ages ago, my written word n English language is pretty bad!! mind when I was fit you['s still didn't understand me then.

    most know of my physical n mental problems, so ill not waffle on with all that.

    anyways, months Ian has kept my tiny brain occupied with knife making, and the last weekend I visited was time to pulled up pants and slowly get my hand(s) lol

    looking back on the years and how I progressed it hit me, i'll go back to old school making...then up grade tools as when available.

    here was my first knife for a pal I ever made years me motivation.



    both of in disguise!!



    anyways, not going to get a lot from me for a long-ish time.

    taking it slow and mastering the basics again.

    up to profiling a blank...n that where is end for now.

    few files and a wonky folding workbench,that has a crap vise I manage to get this far in 6 hrs.8)


    hrs n hrs but not as if I'm rushing or owt!!


    and nuff for today, rest needed.

    needs more work on it...but tomorrow is a DPH...if I get time lol.

    thx for viewing.

    and remarks would be appreciated, specially taking the P out of me...:lol:

  • This is great to see , making things , making anything is good for the soul , not only do you end up with hopefully something to be proud of at the end of it it makes it far easier to block out the crap on TV or the missus moaning .

    Everyone should make something now and again , it really is the best therapy .

    Plus all that filing has got to be good cardio! 8o8o

  • I'm inspired so much by the way I learn on my journey, and the people who made it possible.

    (pic heavey)

    As some know my journey in making was about 2009 with only a rented garage with one electrical point.

    Came a visit to Ian Bailey and saw his humble set up in the shed as he's calls it.

    Unfortunately a 7 month tour loomed in Afghan.

    Just to paint a picture...not 'Look at me..look at me!

    don't know people blank oot there eyes..but I think at the time had to..what a knob!

    I between internet access (pretty rare) I continued asking Ian this and that.

    One Day whilst getting my vehicle checked out...saw a answer to maybe make an knife...a friendly welder and taking to him and he allowed me some carbon steel, can't remember it composition?

    Cutting a long story short as I can Woffle and you can get confused.

    'Acquired' borrowed a vice, Files and other tools and in the cooler part of the day and what time I had to do it.

    Turned out as what can be called a basic knife lol.

    Most after that I managed to up grade my tools and the premises I used.

    At Nottingham for my final posting before I became a civvy lol

    All along visiting Ian for my leaning and of course Ian become my mentor.

    and the pic that was know to most people with our crazy days n nights...

    then I aged ova night into civvy mode and settled in in Norfolk....:lol:

    All the equipment like, grinder,mill etc I learnt and after a few years off with suffering two strokes, here I am in a manky out house..with a wonky folding workbench, a Dremel and a few files etc

    Came a bit of an upgrade.

    My old drill press, an angle Grinder, old buffer and a disc grinder that my old pal gave me.

    My daughters old bench came in handy,

    ill not bore you with the time it took with one hand.....more screws on the floor n owt

    a good use of my

    and my sitting position to file jig.

    coming along....but as I said slowly and just getting the basic practiced...

    thank you for viewing



    sorry if it doesny make sence..hence the

  • Thank you so much for kind and the encouraging words.

    Just had to go back old school coz, for all a few years earlier I was ok with them...but the last think I wanted is think I could just bounce in again and make a decent knife!!! That is stupid and foolhardy!

    So for all I look at my pics of knifes on the forum, published in mags etc it gives me hope once again..

    Rusty! Memory is shot...disable I might be...but I overcome with a blink in my eye.

    Might be I’m stubborn old so n so...but the best therapy since months in Hospital was seeing if I can pick up a file n all that!

    The knowledge is already somewhere in my tiny brain..

    Thx for encouragement.

    I laugh at my misfortunes...the grim reaper has visited me too many times to give up...but the old bri is still

    Missing a few cogs...determination n all that I’ll get there..slowly.

    Tomorrow task is take the grits all back again...

    Thank you all