Spyderco Clear Out- Complete collated list

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  • Spyderco Collection clear out- Batch 2

    UPDATED LIST 17 October and price reduction

    This is the Next stage of a major clear out- I’m clearing over 100 knives of my personal collection.

    List is alphabetised for easy reading- please also refer to my previous ad for additional little gems!

    Prices are full inclusive of Special Delivery tracked and insured and all fees.

    Pictures: please ask for more of specific ones and I’m happy to oblige

    SPECIAL OFFER: Anyone spending over £350 in one hit will receive a freebie not on this list- I have a small number battered users that aren’t worth listing at a price but I will throw into the package for anyone helping me to clear these by making a big buy L

    Model by model pictures are here: · https://imgur.com/a/c4INj

    Advocate £180

    Air £95
    Assist Rescue £55
    Battlestation £135
    Calypso £135
    Centofante 3 £45
    Chinook 3 £135
    Domino £185
    Foundry £140
    Goddard Jnr £110
    Hungarian £160
    Jot Singh Kalsa £125
    Junior £95
    Karambit £145
    Lil Matriarch £55
    Lil Temperance 1 £150
    Lil Temperance 2 £150
    Lil Temperance 3 £150
    Magnitude £250
    Manix 2 Black £130
    Mantra £135
    Mantra 2 £145
    Matriarch £105
    Matriarch II £75
    Matriarch II Wave £75
    Meerkat £45
    Merlin £65
    Myrtle £185
    Native I OIF £95
    Native III £50
    Paramilitary 1 £135
    Persian 2 Large £110
    Police £140
    Positron £150
    Pride £45
    R £110
    Remote Release 2 £55
    Salsa £80
    Snapit £50
    Southard £200
    Spyderhawk £110
    Stretch £70
    Superleaf £115
    Tighe Stick £225
    Vielle II Sante Fe Stoneworks Mother of Pearl £240


    Reference Picture- detailed pictures of particular knives available on request (happy to oblige!)

    Note: If you see it pictured but not listed then it is not for sale.