Spindle sander

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  • I have a 1.5kw single phase motor lying around so I thought i would mount it under the work bench and run it as a spindle sander, can anyone see a problem with this?

    It dosnt need to oscillate, And how would you fit the drum tools to the motor spindle?

    It sounds too simple to be plausable but hey ho, nothing ventured........

    Also I have very limited space so although a horizontal grinder would be lovely I just cant have one at the mo.

  • I would suggest that it can be annoying having to change the drum often.

    I have an oscillating Spindle sander that is really nice to use but I don't use it particularly purely because of how long the abrasive lastS versus the hassle of changing.

    Do you have a disc sander? One of the bEst things I did in my worKshop was getting a motor and making a simple disc sander. Use it a lot!