Any experience with Goset grinders on the forum?

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  • Hi all,

    Been busy researching grinders available in Europe. Alistair's and Nick's are well covered, but have also found a distributor in NL offering a comprehensive package from the Polish company Goset. Not much online, so was wondering if anyone has any first hand experience with them to throw into the comparator algorithm (whisky and a a spreadsheet)? Thanks in advance.

  • I looked at these last year , and nearly pulled the trigger but a second hand clone of what I already have came up first, the interchangeable parts with my set up already was just too appealing .

    But... Like yourself I couldn't find out much on them or find anyone who was thrashing one on a daily basis , I did look into costs and if I recall it was looking pretty reasonable .

    Link for anyone else : http://www.smederijatelieralkm…set/merged.compressed.pdf

    To throw a spanner or fourth option into the mix...

    Maybe contact basherdan , he's made a couple 2"x72" grinders , one for our own roestalker270 who I think is pleased with it .

  • I am in fact Very happy with my basherdan grinder. :)

    Owning a gun or knife and not using it, is akin to not sleeping with your girlfriend to keep her neat and tidy for the next bloke.

    • Helpful

    I got one 2 years ago. Since that time Goset have added full guarding, got CE approval, and doubled the price.

    Only 1.1KW so a little underpowerd when using flat platten. They may start shipping to UK soon...

    All nicely painted or plated. Very minor niggles. Should get Best Value and Best Guarded awards.

  • Well, I have just taken delivery of one for the school. Having made some grinders and seen quite a few (I currently own and use 12, but have owned many more) these are the first profesionaly made grinder for knife making that I have seen . Most of the other ones made in the UK and europe are really from my point of view garage engineer made and not really a profesionaly made tool. Or they are Rediculously expensive like the loser and eurofintech grinders. The exception to this was the baileigh grinder which was versatile but is no longer available. The Goset grinder has the feel of the £6000 eurofintech ones.

    I mentioned to the company when I was at Gembloux that I thought their product could be good for me to recomend to students. So they have lent me one to use at the school. It will be grinding axes this weekend and swords next week and I will give feedback about it. For My own use 1.1KW is a little on the low side but I am a greedy grinder and realise that most people dont grind like I do.

    Obvs I have been given a grinder to use so full discloseure and all that. I am under no obligation to the company and have no links or make any money etc. I saw the machine and thought "About time" . It has the look of being a great machine.

    The grinders have changed a great deal since the link above and are now (thankfully) guarded.