A Parade of Puukko's. Part I

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  • For those that have seen my recent creations you may be aware of my fondness for the Puukko. After years of fancy-ness with my hidden tangs I have come to love the simplicity of the design along with its many capabilities as an 'outdoor' knife. So with that in mind I decided to take four Puukko style knives in different materials out into the wilderness and give them a good thrashing..

    So here we have my chosen four in the Puukko style.

    From left to right we have;

    1. Scandi grind in Damasteel (no micro bevel) with Carbon Fiber.

    2. Rhombic blade in 80CRV2 with Nickel Silver bolster and end cap and olive green micarta handle.

    3. Damasteel with a Sabre Grind and Desert Ironwood handle.

    4. Convex Tommi Blade in Krupp Carbon steel with leather washer handle.

    All the knives are very comfortable to hold with the Tommi Blade being the most comfortable. I have always been a little suspect over a leather washer handle but so far so good..

    The balance for all the knives is excellent, but this is something I always try to address when making a knife. The Rhombic blade, although a little weighty with the butt cap, fairs very well due to the hidden tang construction and still balances just behind the bolster.

    When I am testing a knife I see absolutely no point in using the knife for something I would never do, ie, stabbing a car door, chopping a block of ice, etc. So my first task is to make a few fuzzle sticks.

    1. Not surprizingly the scandi grind worked out best for nice fine curls and made light work of cutting small 1/2" braches in one clean power cut.

    2. The Rhombic bites into wood like sharks teeth but the deeper grind doesn't allow for the finer curls, still good though.

    3. I have always found the sabre grind to work very well for bushcraft duties, and this was no exception. A close second.

    4. The convex, like the Rhombic, cuts very deep, but this one a little too deep, making fine curls a little tricky, but still very usable.

    All knives performed exceptionally well in this section of my test, each managing one clean power cut on a sapling branch.. The biggest surprise has been the Tommi blade (4). The handle is just so comfortable with no flex whatsoever, a pleasure to use.

    More testing to come..