Couple of SAK's..

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  • Hi all

    Just a few SAK's that I have/had!, Some were traded against a HW77 action to put in a HW97 stock that i'd had for a while!!

    I still have the centre one of these as it was a gift from a friend, I hate getting rid of stiff that was gifted :thumbdown:



    I have some that are multi blade but I think were made in France, I just put them together with the SAK's!!


    I bought the bottom one which seems to have some kind of horn scales earlier this year from a local bootsale, Can't remember what I paid but a fiver is in my mind! It's very similar in style to the Pradel's but is stainless steel rather than carbon, By the way, My lad managed to snap the corkscrew off the larger mop Pradel trying to remove a cork whilst totally inebriated :cursing: