Photographs.............MUST be included with any sales

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  • Dear Members

    The Classifieds is open to anyone with 440C membership and above.

    We have seen an increase in some areas of sales which is great :thumbsup:

    Generally, most members are including photographs of the described item.

    However, just lately there has been an increase in a few who don't...

    Links to photos - it has to be a second-best really. If you want impact and to sell your item, take a decent pic/s and attach it directly to your sale thread.

    Attaching pics is easy on a desktop computer - you can simply drag off your computer's desk top (or Photobucket etc) and straight into the thread - just remember what your max pic is - click on the spoiler for 'Attachments per message'

    Otherwise there are some very good tutorials, have a look at:

    Uploading images and attachments

    ...and if image too big, this may help:

    Making photos smaller with an iPhone

    Why attach photos some of you may ask....? Ok, two example scenarios:


    Selling a stag handled 'as new' folder with photos.

    Folder arrives - it's the same folder model exactly, but not as new condition

    Thorough check with pics in the sale thread - hey presto the stag is slightly different.........the scrote used an as new one for the pics but sent a used one


    Selling a fairly well known production folder by quoting 'New In Box' and also the exact reference number of the folder, but no pics

    Sale takes place, buyer receives exactly as stated however it's the same model but with part serrations in the blade - one reference letter out on the whole reference from the box..!

    A photo would've sorted it all.

    There are other scenarios as you can guess, but what we would like to see is good clear photos - no fuzzy out of focus stuff please - and nice honest, straight forward happy sales and deals.

    Thank you in anticipation for all your cooperation :thumbsup:


    ...anyone who rides a bike and loves nature, can never be poor, we will always be happy, no matter what
    Gunther Muller

  • ..........bumping this thread

    Yes :thumbsup: it's great to see new members joining and the Edge Matters marketplace getting busy........but, sorry......... we will pull member's adverts if they're not correct


    ...anyone who rides a bike and loves nature, can never be poor, we will always be happy, no matter what
    Gunther Muller