Leatherman UK (Whitby & Co)

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  • I'm sure everyone knows about Leatherman and their outstanding warranty but I've had reason to use it recently so I thought I'd give them a shout out here.

    I had a wave and used it for 5 years before the Keyring thing fell off and the serrated blade didn't open smoothly any more. I thought I'd send it in for a repair but they sent me a brand new one within 5 days!

    There was an option on the warranty form to tick if you didn't want a new tool but I left it blank as the other blades and wire clippers on the tool were quite eroded.

    Anyway they saw fit to replace it with a brand new one which I'm quite chuffed about.


    Whitby & Co (UK) Ltd

    Aynam Mills

    Canal Head North



    LA9 7BY

    Tel: 01539 721032

    Fax: 01539 729573

    Email: sales@leatherman.co.uk

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