Show me your GRAIL !

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  • DARJAC666  

    MT cloth is good stuff, though I just run them over with a simple none-abrasive cloth and some mineral oil.

    It stays in saya and a sword wrap almost all of the time, which is very low maintenance.

    Criminal, now that I think about it.

    That said, even the naked swords on the walls don't want for much but the same treatment.

    I've had more problems with other people's fingerprints than with rust. :D

    I commissioned a full set by tosugu artist Roman Urban for this blade in particular... still unmounted as I'm unhappy with my current woodcarving ability.
    Maybe I'll mount it soon, if I can stop beating up knives in the woods. :S

  • Well, I have managed to secure 2 of my Grails :)

    The first was a Fiddleback Forge Bushfinger, bought on here from Avoidspam. I had wanted one of these since I first saw a review of one a few years ago. Very happy to say that it did not disappoint!

    The second was a Military Fluted Ti, again bought from here in as new condition. I had initially wanted to go for another Sebbie to replace the 21 I sold. The price was good on this, so I went for it. I am a Spydie fan, I EDC a PM2 a lot of the time. I had previously owned a G10 Millie, but it didn't do much for me. This thing though, yeah, it does it for me! The scales are slimmer and contored, its a fraction heavier than the G10 version, the fit and finish is as good as a Sebbie, its as smooth as a Sebbie, and its more ergonomic than the Sebbie. In short, I'm glad I didn't go for another Sebbie! :)

  • Game changers 'R us :thumbup:

    "This is my rifle.There are many like it, but this one is mine"


    Sharpen it like you love it, use it like you hate it.

  • What are using to protect the steel from airborne moisture ?

    You'll think me a Philistine but I use Marine Tuf cloth on all my swords. And since I moved to the West Country, all my knives too.:(

    I'm a big fan of Tuff Cloths, EXCEPT, they turned the paper ivory micarta scales on my Almars orange...No problem since, so maybe it was the older paper micarta, but something for people to be aware of.

    Had a few 'grails', sticking strictly to the OP's specifications of wanting, pursuing over a number of years and ultimately owning (I've spent thousands on other things, but can't bring myself to go for a Jess Horn drop point...). Nothing fancy here, and all but the Moki have found new guardians.

    Apologies for the really crap picture. Taken around 2000 on a primitive digital camera (should have come with its own magnesium powder flash to illuminate better for the imp to see...)

    Five Almars, three Condor's, two Pacific Cutlery, one Moki and one Hubertus clone of the ivory micarta Puma 4 Star (never gotten around to one of the genuine articles). These were almost all teenage wants going back to the '80's. Years of waiting and chasing on most of these. I'd never have gotten some of them if they hadn't been pre-ebay knife ban.

    Undoubtedly 'the chase' was all part of the experience. I wouldn't say better than the eventual owning and handling, but certainly a big part of it. Plenty of songs about unrequited love, not so many about the cigarette afterwards...

  • Here is mine.....

    Two years to design, source materials and and finally it being made to fit my hand.


    95mm of Nitrobe77 steel, double hollow ground with both edges sharpened.


    100mm of rare Culloden bog oak estimated about 8 thousand years old (due the very dark colour)


    Mammoth ivory (10,000++ years old) and extremely rare ancient yew tree (5000+ years old)

  • - very sweet, that a lot.

    Must be a very warm feeling to have that design come together like that, and, have it finished in such luscious materials.

    Very precious :thumbup:


    ...anyone who rides a bike and loves nature, can never be poor, we will always be happy, no matter what
    Gunther Muller

  • This thing is just so uber cool.

    Congratulations to both maker and owner, a truly bespoke creation if ever there was one :thumbup:

    "This is my rifle.There are many like it, but this one is mine"


    Sharpen it like you love it, use it like you hate it.