Or trade survival kit odds and ends

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  • First up is a little modern flint and steel set with a few extra odds and ends

    couldn't find any flint but it included a firesteel, tinder and other odds and ends - looking for £15 inc postage and paypal fees

    Next up is a bundle of odds and ends including a British issue water bag, tops folding saw, Titan 'woodland shroud' survival blanket, small Arkansas Stone and DIY strop, Pilots flask, Strap compass and a red photon light, toggle firesteel necklass

    looking for £25 inc postage and paypal fees

    next up is a repro solid brass trench lighter unused looking for £10

    Trade wise I'm only looking for

    small (>3" length closed) Rough rider folders these two in particular but anything Amber Jigged bone considered

    RR534 Small Coke Bottle Amber Jigged Bone 3" Closed 2 Blade Knife
    RR532 Baby Copperhead Folder Knife Amber Jigged Bone 3" Closed 2 Blade Knife

    A Swedish gasmask bag - the leather based one - needs to be brown leather not the painted version

    any sort of pocket carry odds and ends such as a Rope lighter or brass match book case, small brass compass etc.