Titanium anodising & flame colouring - knife scales & fittings, torches etc

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    If it's Titanium and you'd like it anodising or heat colouring, drop me a PM. :thumbsup:

    Titanium Anodising & Heat Colouring

    I'm offering both anodising and random colour heat colouring service for titanium knife scales, backspacers, standoffs and fasteners, and also titanium torches or anything else titanium as long as it'll fit in my anodising bath, my etching bath, and (if desired) my tumbler.

    Prices will vary depending on size, quantity of items and complexity as well as whether items are desired to be tumbled and/or etched first or not.

    The idea to offer this follows the build of my DIY anodising power supply and it's first couple of successful runs, along with the fact that I should be able to safely etch titanium to remove the surface oxide layer in the next couple of weeks which means that I will be able to get really deep saturated colours.

    I am offering single and multi colour anodising, along with things like random splash patterns and what I call "rainbow slide" (see the pic of the tweezers later in this post).

    I can only anodise things that are 100% titanium, so scales with press-fit steel pins (like the Mk3 PITS) are not possible unless the pins can first be pressed out of the handle.

    Torches can only be anodised as a complete unit, and can be etched first (masking off the glass to avoid it being frosted by the etching fluid) or if you prefer a darker finish or they are a shiny polished finish already they can be anodised without etching. As they will be done as a single unit, all fittings and parts on the torch must be 100% titanium, and the buttons to operate them must either be silicone or another chemically resistant rubber if they are to be etched.

    Steel pocket clips, screws etc cannot be anodised, but I can heat treat them to achieve other colours (including straw, purple and blue) if desired, but this will affect the "spring" of steel pocket clips. No guarantee of colour matching to the anodised Ti though.

    Titanium parts (especially handle scales can also be tumbled before etching to give a smooth semi-matt surface finish and help hide minor marks from pocket carry. This is my Spyderco PITS after re-tumbling it to reduce the appearance of marks from pocket carry. It was degreased and anodised petrol teal immediately after this photo was taken.

    I'm already pretty damn good at heat colouring titanium with a gas torch, so I will also offer flame colouring / "fire polishing" of titanium fittings / screws if desired, and am happy to also flame colour titanium knife scales, pocket clips or backspacers.

    I haven't tried it yet, but there's probably no reason why I couldn't combine anodising and flame colouring on the same piece, perhaps anodise a base colour and then flame colour a pattern over the top.

    Here's pics of my first couple of anodised things (not etched before anodising)

    The picture below of the titanium one-piece tweezers shows a few of the large ones with what I'm calling "rainbow slide" finish where the colour smothly slides through one or more hues from one end of the piece to the other..

    And here's a couple of heat coloured Ti things I've done.

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