Bulino Anyone?

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  • Was asked by a friend to engrave the stainless bolsters on a custom folder using Bulino Engraving. For those unfamiliar with it it is a method of engraving using dots to create an image, then depending on the material and if the burrs are kept filling with "ink" to accentuate contrast etc. But it is to be his EDC, so I said "no, don't recommend it". Bulino is the most "delicate" form of engraving that can be easily marred by scratches etc. Don't mind doing it on Art Knives or knives that are going to lead a pampered life, but not an EDC. Anyway this led me to wonder if anyone here has an EDC with Bulino engraving on it and if so how did it stand up to continuous use. Would be interesting to know.

  • Terrington,

    I apologise in advance as this does not answer your question but for anyone interested here is bullino engraving on a four slippy set I made a couple of years ago. Admittedly they were made for a collector but I did provide lined leather pocket cases so that they could be carried. :) The engraver is Dario Cortini.