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  • Hi, I'm looking at this here sword and wondering, has anyone had dealings with this company? Are they quality? It says 176 layers of 1095 / 15N20 which on paper is decent enough damasteel mix, but given how (relatively) cheap it's going for, can it be trusted etc? Please share if you have any experience, thanks!

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    There are dozens of companies (supposedly in the UK) that are selling fabulous cheap damascus knives and swords.
    Most are mass produced in Pakistan.
    If you want it for nothing more than wall art, and accept it for what it is, then fine.
    Their company name is Lloyds Direct Trading, based in Birmingham, so I would consider them to be nothing more than an import company selling cheap mass produced items from Pakistan.
    Their SIC code is for "other retails sales, not in stores, store or markets", so they will not have a shop to visit of the like.
    Their website also says that their address in Birmingham is not to be used for any returns.
    In short…… for the hills. :D

  • I don't fancy a lot of their products, but some of their plain-steel bowies look decent.

    I think I remember Matt Easton owning a few and reviewing them on Youtube...hang on...

    ... yep, here's one:

    Sure he had a couple of other ones reviewed too.

    I wouldn't trust their swords, though - they're not historical, and the heat treat needed for a practical sword differs to that of a practical knife, so just because they sell a decently treated knife doesn't necessarily transfer to their swords...

  • The fact that they have conveniently knocked £300 off their "Custom made damascus axe" would answer all my questions about the company and their products.…l-axe-gorgeous-and-solid/

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  • Yep! :)

    It's strange how Matt's experience with them totally differs with the feel I get from going through their (frankly amateurish) website: Hyperbolic descriptions, exaggerated titles for each of their pieces, apparently hugely-reduced prices from the suggested RRPs... warning bells certainly sound.

    Yet Matt appears to be able to contact them and make special requests which turn out looking not too bad..

    ...Mind you, I've been aware of these guys for a while now, and still haven't taken the plunge, so obviously I'm not completely won over!