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  • Hi, I'm looking at this here sword and wondering, has anyone had dealings with this company? Are they quality? It says 176 layers of 1095 / 15N20 which on paper is decent enough damasteel mix, but given how (relatively) cheap it's going for, can it be trusted etc? Please share if you have any experience, thanks!

    If you don't ask, you don't get.
    Fists are dangerous weapons.
    Good luck confiscating them!

  • There are dozens of companies (supposedly in the UK) that are selling fabulous cheap damascus knives and swords.
    Most are mass produced in Pakistan.
    If you want it for nothing more than wall art, and accept it for what it is, then fine.
    Their company name is Lloyds Direct Trading, based in Birmingham, so I would consider them to be nothing more than an import company selling cheap mass produced items from Pakistan.
    Their SIC code is for "other retails sales, not in stores, store or markets", so they will not have a shop to visit of the like.
    Their website also says that their address in Birmingham is not to be used for any returns.
    In short……..run for the hills. :D