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  • Sorry not a knife company, but it is outdoors related and I really feel it's worth a mention.

    I had ordered an M361N-LMH module from Mr Malkoff to fit into my MD2. When I got it, I seemed to have an issue with obtaining a proper seal around the module inside the head.

    So I emailed Gene, explaining what results I was getting. He quickly figured out I had the old lens system and said he would get Cathy to send me the parts to rectify the problem I was having.

    About a week later, I received an o-ring, and a new lens that fits inside the head - FREE.

    Now I didn't realise he had actually sent a new lens as well (it was covered on both sides with a protective white layer), so I just seen the o-ring and thought that was it.

    I emailed him again saying I don't think it works. Then I realised, it's a new lens too. Tried the o-ring with the new lens and proceeded to put the MD2 together again.

    The head doesn't screw on as much as it did with the old system, so I sent Gene an email, again, asking if this was ok.

    He promptly replied letting me know everything is alright and it should be fine to use as expected.


    Now, to a busy flashlight maker/businessman, that's an awful lot of emails and contact from just a single customer, but he took time out to get back to me and put my mind at ease. Not once did he have any sarcastic undertones, or appear to have lost any patience. Not once did I feel he had lost interest in me because he has taken my money and that's all he cares about.

    Gene, and Cathy, are absolutely brilliant. I want to thank their services and wholeheartedly recommend them, to every single person who ever wants a reliable and trustworthy flashlight company to deal with. Not only are their flashlights of the best on the market, but their aftercare is right at the top, of ANY company I have ever dealt with, in any field not just flashlights.

    Really, I can't say enough good things about them.

    Gene, Cathy, thank you! Thank you for making good lights, and thank you for looking after me after you had taken my money.


    I sincerely hope that one day all companies will be like this!