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  • Quote from Spydiepeat: “I get the feeling Spydie hardware must comes from different places and manufacturers. The Para2 in S30V screws are great whereas I had to frankenstein my Gin1 UKPK screws into flatheads after the first strip ” You just needed a bigger hammer

  • Totally understand @Spydiepeat , I've lost count the amount of times I've seen a statement like this on a forum "I never liked the look of Spyderco knives , they always looked ugly or awkward, until I bought one and it just worked" I said it myself once upon a time and a few thousand pounds ago

  • Considering the amount of threads that get started or comments on sheared / mashed/ rounded out screws I really Can't see this ending well for Spydercos customers services ... (Hidden Content)

  • Often overlooked when just comparing raw materials is the decades of experience, production scale and after sales care , if you email Daniel , Daniel will email you back I'm Happy to pay for all that

  • Will update with thoughts later…e25563174cd2323cd41ad79cd

  • Spits pouch...

    Jimmypie - - Knifey Chatter


    Quote from Arclightuk1972: “Who and where do I find this person ” Search ...

  • There's lots of different methods @fluffy , not sure Stuart does his own kydex though ?

  • It's not easy to get it right everytime , everydays a school day with kydex .

  • Lovely work @Guy Stainthorp and nice one @The Lord Flashheart for sharing

  • Big thanks to @TallnHairyDave , ready for me to have a play with some anodising , and then put it to work…e25563174cd2323cd41ad79cd

  • I'll say the same here as in this thread :Wooden handles.... Quote from Jimmypie: “Look after it and it'll look after you , with basic knife care and the right wood in place you don't need it stabilised . Winkler-II knives are mostly a very hard & dense maple , haven't seen any failures "just because" but I have seen chipped and split grips due to borderline abuse and neglect , if it gets soaking , I mean immersed then don't put it on a radiator and try and dry it out in 10minutes , Don't use it…

  • Ok .. I've been mucked around twice on eBay on this so a one time drop to £60 all inc of shipping and PayPal for a like brand new & boxed LED driven Surefire torch .

  • No no .. Cheap fix as in "it's 2am and I need this knife in my life" then it arrives ..its crap . And your forced to do the sale of shame and sell it at 50% of what you paid

  • im not the biggest fan of the brand at all , much like CRKT and Gerber I've had my time with them, I cut my teeth and nearly my wrists over QC on plenty of the models in my early knifey life ...and later on too . but then they always come up with something that tries to lure me in ...…e25563174cd2323cd41ad79cd…boker-kwaiken-fixed-knife So , my question is ... Which brand is your guilty pleasure for the budget friendly fix , keep i…

  • i have so much more to add , but I don't have the energy for a Mod chat in the morning @Hattori Hanzo is still on his moderator marriage of convenience honeymoon too , I'll give it a few more days .

  • Ok ok .. I'll name it the " @Platinum integrated sharpening system "

  • Honestly haven't looked at the prices since release , it put me off , but the US prices are only really relevant to me if they will actually let me buy it .

  • I don't know @leeroy37 never used them because we are / were blacklisted alongside theFar East & Middle East for years

  • Didn't realise BladeHQ now ship direct to the UK @san-mai-usa

  • Ah , wasn't sure if they'd retracted the initial request , glad to hear they didnt completely cripple him .

  • @vilePossum did CCW actually get sued ? I thought he just had to alter his advertising and all "modded" SAK's need to be sanitised of any reference to Victorinox .

  • Quote from leeroy37: “Anyone on the drop for a para 3 yet? Do massdrop still ship via Europe? ” that's more like the price it should be , but with that in mind it's odd that after years of people (globally) begging for a Para-3 only 35 have joined the drop ... I tried mass drop 3 times and 3times the courier arsed it up so for me it's a no go , even before the potential import issue .

  • So I bought a hatchet...

    Jimmypie - - Knifey Chatter


    180 max for me , just be careful not to cook it

  • @Paul W are you on Mr wilsons books ? Wonder how much a Spyderco version is going to potentially cost you vs a commission direct .

  • So I bought a hatchet...

    Jimmypie - - Knifey Chatter


    Quote from John56: “Belt grinder on the unsupported part of the belt above the platten for me too, that puts a natural convex on the edge without any of the hard work. ” Exactly that ^ , use the slack part of the belt . I recently quick fix repaired this one which had heavy rolls and chips , you can still see the wobble 2/3 up the edge , I really didn't want to take it further back otherwise it just ends up being too steep , but it shows The secondary convex rather than a full convex right back …

  • Quote from LX_Emergency: “Interesting that they would list G10 as "brittle". I remember someone testing it alongside Micarta on youtube or something....and it was FAR from brittle. Similar with CF in my experience. ” I tend to agree , once the material is bonded / shored up against something it's extremely hard wearing , I can only think that some of his thoughts are based on the material in a standalone setting , or maybe predominantly as folding knife scales , but even then I could count on no…

  • So I bought a hatchet...

    Jimmypie - - Knifey Chatter


    Belt grinder edges for me , a carpentry axe would warrant a little more care but for smashing , splitting and all round wood butchery a simple edge is all that's required , generally a convex but that's just because it turns out that way , it's not easy with axes due to the shape and life is too short to try and get anything more accurate

  • So I bought a hatchet...

    Jimmypie - - Knifey Chatter


    Before you completely reprofile it Amir , have you used it yet ? Just bear in mind that with a small axe you won't get as much impact energy , so thinning the edge right down might result in sticking and wedging itself into logs and processing jobs where a heavier axe with the same geometry would just power through and split .

  • Both look superb @Willie , the jigged bone looks fantastic

  • Quote from BKelly: “Tis wonderful the modifications you achieve Sir Jim of Pie ” I'll include a pre paid return envelope in case you don't like the Squeak

  • Quote from richp: “Yes, titanium, sharps, demonstration of talent, quality work, very cool, yadayadayada... What can you say about the driver set in the top photo of post 10? I've been after a decent set of hex/torx drivers for a while? Thanks! ” I can say they are good enough for knife work , soft enough that they will twist before chewing a precious screw up , which is no bad thing if the knife isn't yours , I have a few different sets of varying quality but these are not too bad at all . Abou…

  • Quote from hughtrimble: “Tasty indeed. How did you get the blued logos on the blade? That looks snazzy! ” make sure you have blue skies above you Just the reflection / trick of the light Hugh , but i had to take a few second glances myself indoors and out ha ha .

  • EMPingo pre stonewash……e25563174cd2323cd41ad79cd

  • EMPingo , custom made TI scales , anodised & stonewashed , blackwashed blade Pale grey in some light & popping blue from a different angle .…………e25563174cd2323cd41ad79cd

  • Squeak & Titanium scales , Reprofiled to a wharnie , scales heavily stonewashed……………e25563174cd2323cd41ad79cd

  • PM-2 with Flytanium scale set . Quote from Jimmypie: “These are nothing new in the world of upgrades but new to me , first time fitting a set up , absolute breeze , the fit is nigh on perfect to the original G10 , Not much more to say really but if your looking at a set , go for it , I will upload a short video later ,………e25563174cd2323cd41ad79cdedgematters…

  • Still here…e25563174cd2323cd41ad79cd

  • Quote from san-mai-usa: “ It just took about three "lip curls" from her to put my dog (who is about ten time bigger than her) in his place. ” Sounds like me when I met my wife , except I don't recall she needed to do it a third time

  • Beautiful pup @san-mai-usa , making me miss Max just looking at her

  • I've got a few big lumps here already @Chui , it is a lovely material to work with