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    Eskrimador - - Handmade & Custom Knives


    Just amazing Gunther.

  • Quote from vilePossum: “so vic has added the coated spartan blades to their lineup:…es/Spartan-PS/p/1.3603.7P but... damn... that price.. though i have to admit that the coating is really shiny ” That is nice. The price is justified, it has a lanyard... they aint cheap dude

  • Should be good @san-mai-usa (Hidden Content)

  • @Hattori Hanzo, @Platinum Definitely the big bird skin... you have the belly skin there Joel, the leather on my watch is Leg skin Here is some more ostrich leg leather in cognac…4c0a0cc22a4a24529792f3694 Some belly:…4c0a0cc22a4a24529792f3694

  • Quote from vilePossum: “Quote from Eskrimador: “Nice haul from Sean the postie... went to school with him. Legend. New Juice, new batteries, new Pioneer EDC and Ostrich skin watch strap with deployment clasp courtesy of Combat straps. Thanks to @Platinum for the link in a watch related thread a while back. You see Joel, I do read your ramblings now and then ” ooooh, that was the shop for the watch strap? i couldn't find the link anymore... hmmmm, no that wasn't the one... what was that british s…

  • Nice haul from Sean the postie... went to school with him. Legend. New Juice, new batteries, new Pioneer EDC and Ostrich skin watch strap with deployment clasp courtesy of Combat straps. Thanks to @Platinum for the link in a watch related thread a while back. You see Joel, I do read your ramblings now and then…4c0a0cc22a4a24529792f3694

  • Quote from Tone: “Beauty .... ” Agreed, Pekka makes stunning knives. Looking at a bit of Bob Lum niceness…4c0a0cc22a4a24529792f3694

  • That is one of the coolest things I have seen for ages, the whole package is brilliant... Boba Fett lanyard bead, what a touch. @Jimmypie your knife packages are the best in the business for sure.

  • Quote from aribach: “Quote from Platinum: “2 x 1450's or 1 x 1520 that is the question Long shot Anybody got one of each...they could take a picture of ,Please ? @aribach sorry to tag you in but what you using man ,I do believe Iv seen Masons resting in a Peli ” I have a 1450 peli case and it holds 60+ easy and it's not too big, even fits in my work locker. For my Masons i keep them in one of Small and convenient, i can carry them around the house with me…

  • Quote from Platinum: “Quote from Eskrimador: “@san-mai-usa Haiku inspired build by John April. Tom's all the rage these days: ” What happens if a hord of Zombies or say jimmy savil came crashing thru the woodwork into your house and your knife is looking like this Really Beautiful find Rich ” Cheers man.... basically, here's what I would do on much reflection; throw 17 pieces of metal at them to distract then jump smartly in to decapitate with the allen key. I ran a simulation on the cat and it …

  • Quote from CragMasterCraig: “It's workable but I'd prefer it to be a half inch bigger. ” That is one of the three most common things my missus says to me... Put a pic of the new woodlore against the Cairn beastie Craig, interested in the overall scale of things. And a good excuse for a pic of good British knives innit

  • @san-mai-usa Haiku inspired build by John April. Tom's all the rage these days: image-proxy image-proxy

  • @Jimmypie the only deal I found better is this one for a smaller 84mm closed knife with two blades…psc=1&smid=A2XNULM4JA780P Quote from hughtrimble: “It's only been reduced by £1.70 - are they usually much higher elsewhere? ” It's the best price I can see for the 93mm pioneer size so far Hugh.

  • Good man James, an excellent addition to the team. Staunch member.

  • Thought this was a good deal so someone else might like one. With the EM discount this will come to just under £22 with shipping UK. They dropped the price in the last 24hrs, good job I stalled a bit with the discount code @Paul W…OiNwoQmI9CT3QYaAvAB8P8HAQ Actually... I might buy two and send one to Shing

  • Quote from Shing: “I was thinking of replacing SAK main blade with ones made of better steel. I would wear away a SAK blade in a few months if it was my EDC so would want one made of D2 or CPM 154 or even M42 super high speed steel at Rc 69 if I can get a kiln to heat treat it. ” If you were to do a small run of upgraded blades for the Alox pioneer model for example that would be very interesting

  • My knife made by Kyle sent for pics by Caleb @white tiger…4c0a0cc22a4a24529792f3694 Here is is with the Paul Long Sheath, unfortunately due to various reasons I couldn't get this to Caleb with the sheath. It was sent straight to Paul afterwards.……4c0a0cc22a4a24529792f3694

  • Quote from vilePossum: “Quote from Chui: “- broadly, what you want doing and what's your budget...? ” well, minimum would be have an alox modded for tweezers and toothpick if possible. maybe get the alox ceracoted. of course if you take an existing alox you would need to add some inner liner for the tweezers etc to lie on. alternatively alox/titanium scales for a plastic scaled version. maybe in the far future get a custom layer layout? ” Mush you want to get one of these, very discreet and lots…

  • @CragMasterCraig bloody great knife mate. It looks 'staunch', you could smash it at things all day and still slice a salmon fillet. Loved camping around Scotland and the Islands sampling malts. One of the best trips was to Jura where we had the whole north side of the island to ourselves apart from feral sheep. We slept in caves on top of a mound of sheep droppings. Awesome trip. Colonsay and Mull were also great places Bothy's are brilliant. Do you make sure you leave something in the bothy for…

  • Arbitrary threads with no real direction can go awry. The OP likely just wanted a light hearted chat and banter but other members see it as a plea for help and put good time into assistance. We cannot read every single post or thread on the forum, we have to be economic with our forum time and when a helpful post is brushed aside or ignored, it smarts a bit. Maybe this should have been in 'Knifey chatter' This is the friendliest most helpful knife forum around period. It is also the safest in te…

  • Summer has arrived...

    Eskrimador - - Mr Doyle


    Great work again Marcus. The blade grind and handle shape of the first knife is spot on.

  • This has got to be good:


  • finally got the bamboo done then @Jimmypie. You have some nice punji sticks there if you're thinking of making traps like...

  • Quote from san-mai-usa: “Not knives yet, but they will be. Looks like there will be a bunch of Vorpal inspired knives coming out that are closer to the original concept. Certainly from the profile point of view, when you're using Tom's original templates. ” That's more like it. What a blessing from Tom! Makes it quite official for Ben to reproduce the Vorpal range.

  • Quote from san-mai-usa: “Quote from Eskrimador: “Awesome Maurice, what's the story behind the long lost?Is it a kitten, the tip looks more upswept? ” It was probably the angle of the picture Rich.This is it next to my other Kitten, a military alley Cat, and what I called the Big Cat. The beater I re-found is a little smaller than my other Kitten, but the blade profiles are the same. ” Sorry pal meant to reply earlier. brilliant set of Bauchop feline's there showing the endless configurations... …

  • Trapper

    Eskrimador - - Mason Knives


    If that had 'T.Bose' stamped on it instead of Mason, would we know the difference? That's as good as the very best out there. Faultless.

  • Show us your Shing

    Eskrimador - - Shing


    All hail the Guardian of Shing... the Shing Keeper, the Shing Overlord. Some collections become renowned and named, this is the Platinum or Gardner collection growing before us. We are witnessing something great. Just awesome Joel, the fighter needs a sheath from Jan

  • Trapper

    Eskrimador - - Mason Knives


    Quote from The Elusive Dr.X: “Quote from Jimmypie: “Is it for sale ” lol No it's bloody not!! Hahaha ” Dibs...

  • Quote from Platinum: “Nice find Rich iv been trying to talk a few uk makers into making me kukri no takers so far ” Dell Webber of Redpath. Origin knives might be a taker...

  • Quote from Paul W: “Truly awesome @Eskrimador thanks for the photos. ” He's bloody good isn't he? Definitely have to ask him for something. I liked a bowie but the dagger with the feathered damas is amazing.

  • Roman Blaha doing lovely work with bigger blades:…4c0a0cc22a4a24529792f3694…4c0a0cc22a4a24529792f3694…4c0a0cc22a4a24529792f3694

  • Quote from san-mai-usa: “My reunited long lost Bauchop beater.………4c0a0cc22a4a24529792f3694 ” Awesome Maurice, what's the story behind the long lost? Is it a kitten, the tip looks more upswept?

  • Quote from san-mai-usa: “Still waiting for you to upload your video of tameshigiri with the new Haiku Rich. One cane, one cane two cuts, no make it three canes. Still waiting. ” I only do test cuts on convicts and cadavers these days M... I'll see what I can do. Bamboo is in short supply round here since the last ice age! Tom has good form there. Fair play to the Haiku

  • Sub-hilts... we need more sub-hilt knives. I'm the wrong one to ask here. No more bush knives please Joking aside, Joel is dead right above, concentrate on improving elements of fit and finish of the blade and just as important IMHO is the handle finish. Inspiration can be taken from the likes of Josh Gallardo and Daniel Rhode. Definitely improve your existing designs blade grind and handle finish as much as you can. Have you done hidden tang yet?

  • Quote from san-mai-usa: “Quote from Eskrimador: “@Platinum Love it, It's like a dumbell with a sharpish edge. In the same vein as the Schanz U-boat ” I've saved these images, and if anyone ever says I collect over the top knives…………….. ” Those are absolutely fine to own Maurice, nimble little slicers like those are pure utility. It's the owner of one of these you need to be careful running into: (Hidden Content) I love the way Gil is holding the cigar, and he's like: 'What?' Edit: I see the Reev…

  • @Platinum Love it, It's like a dumbell with a sharpish edge. In the same vein as the Schanz U-boat……4c0a0cc22a4a24529792f3694

  • Quote from san-mai-usa: “If you want to add a matching set of Tom's "Singing Swords" to your collection, let me know. ” Not sure about those, do you have a pic. I would like one of his flaming swords:…4c0a0cc22a4a24529792f3694 Tom Maringer then and now: (Hidden Content)

  • Quote from white tiger: “That's quite simply beautiful I really love the construction method and the overall style of the knife is superb. Well done on getting that bad boy. ” Thanks Steve, means a lot from a maker such as yourself. Thought the toggle tang would interest you.

  • @san-mai-usa that is interesting, maybe the Haiku guard construction lent itself to a different design. image-proxy