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  • Might get the Pioneer...

  • Quote from hughtrimble: “Give me a tasty coloured Alox with cork screw! ” This is the closest I have: image-proxy (Hidden Content)

  • Quote from hughtrimble: “Had a play as I really liked the look of the wharny blade, but the blade just kept wanting to close when I was using it. It might be I was simply holding it wrong, and I didn't have it long enough to find out, but even with my thumb on the tang, slight pressure with the tip of my thumb would start to close the blade. YMMV! ” Hmmm... That could be an issue, I returned a Spyderco Squeak for similar reasons, though find the Pingu and Urban fine (haven't tried a UKPK, though…

  • Viper Dan 2 in CF image-proxy

  • So, that generally seems to be a thumbs-up? Does anyone find the combination of extended tang and generally quite long handle length makes it uncomfortable in the pocket and/or prone to ripping the inside of pockets, or is this not a problem with this knife?

  • Have been thinking of maybe getting a Viper Dan 2, for something a bit different that's still legal to carry, has anyone got one of these (or had one) and, if so, what do you think of it? The Dan 2 is the "modified wharncliffe" version, which I think I prefer the look of. Not sure which handle material would be best, but am leaning towards the carbon fibre, which as far as I can tell is not just a laminate. image-proxy

  • Spyderco ZDP-189 Dragonfly II and Manbug for sale, both in unused mint condition, but without boxes. Would consider a trade of both for a Paramilitary 2. Price includes shipping to UK, contact for international shipping. If not paying Paypal F&F please add 4% to cover fees. Spyderco ZDP-189 Dragonfly II - £55 image-proxy image-proxy image-proxy image-proxy Spyderco ZDP-189 Manbug - £35 image-proxy image-proxy image-proxy image-proxy Both: image-proxy Both knives are now sold

  • My wish list

    Oxford_Guy - - Handmade & Custom Knives


    Shing Lanny's Clip

  • The blade looks longer than 76mm, or is it just me?

  • Fallkniven PCx

    Oxford_Guy - - Production & Mid-Tech Knives


    Has anyone tried out the new Fallkniven PCx yet? Looks pretty decent, though looks a bit too "bling" with the gold-colored parts IMHO image-proxy

  • Quote from leeroy37: “grey k390 frn urban due soon on lamnia at £88 too ” More interested in that than the UKPK personally...…-urban-k390-folding-knife image-proxy

  • Quote from corso: “Picked up one of these the other day from Heinnie its basically a mini boker boker city 1 and likely made by the same manufacturer but its micro - about the size of a Spyderco manbug I'd add some pics if I can figure out how but they also make a couple of other models that include scissors I'm off to ask Heinnie when and where... ” I quite like that!

  • Just looking: image-proxy

  • 2 lanny's clips

    Oxford_Guy - - Shing


    Lovely! Want to be on the list for one of your Lanny's!

  • Quote from Johhnythefox: “I want a beer scout but I didn't realise until your photo how small it is. ” Yeah, it was a bit smaller than I was expecting, but I actually really like it,it's a good EDC size, though, I don't need to think twice about carrying it. Here's a comparison of the blades: image-proxy It feels good in the hand, the easy open cutout actually helps you to get a good grip on it. Fit and finish is leagues ahead of the Wenger, of course.

  • I'm a fan of the bail, don't like the way the keyring on 93mm alox models digs into the hand, I use mine with a Tec P7 dangler clip: image-proxy

  • Quote from hughtrimble: “Sounds like the corkscrew is just a hindrance then @Oxford_Guy. Could you get the bit driver in there too given your use of the fine screwdriver, or is that not needed for your uses? I suppose you'd need to carry the bits too then, which just adds bulk, and rather detracts from the package. ” The bit driver is too fat a layer for EDC (as are the pliers IMHO). I carry the Vic bit wrench in a leather slip that Geoff Wood made in my bag anyway when cycling, doesn't take muc…

  • Quote from hughtrimble: “I'm pro the corkscrew, primarily for wine rescue, but also because the worm can contain the micro screwdriver (the tool that gets used most often on my Explorer). The corkscrew not featuring on the Alox models suggests it's far from critical for lots of people though. ” The thing is the only time I really need the corkscrew is when travelling in France (I quite often go cycling there with my wife, who is French), but I wouldn't take my expensive Ti Yeoman then, just a an…

  • I'm thinking of asking Bob Lessard to modify my Ti Yeoman to replace the corkscrew with the fine screw driver and replace the back scale to one without a cutout, as think would find the fine screwdriver more useful for everyday tasks and wold make for a thinner and more elegant knife, what do people think? He's done a mod like this for someone else recently (see the knife he did for Steve Hearfield recently - current the first post on his Instagram page: ) Here's ho…

  • Quote from Platinum: “Quote from Oxford_Guy: “That's a stunner! Bet it cost a fair few pennies more than my Beer Scout, though! ” Thanks man For the size smile it puts on my face it was an absolute bargain I would like a beer scout in one redintion or another myself .....For a production slippy GEC can't be beat ! ” I didn't say yours wasn't worth it

  • Quote from Paul W: “image-proxy ” Pure class!

  • Good model the Fieldmaster! Interesting scales!

  • Quote from Terry221984: “Quote from Chui: “Quote from bonzodog: “Quote from Terry221984: “I feel i need some education here i a familiar with case g.e.c and the usual suspects but can anyone suggest other makers/company i should look at for slip joints? are the majority of the knives shown here customs or available off the shelf? teach me...... ” Walk away as fast as you can, ” - what kind of slippies are you after....? Is it the Old English style, like lambsfoot etc., or, are you keen on the Am…

  • Quote from Platinum: “Arrived today Gene Wiseman Coke Bottle Cap lifter ....Iv got a few slippys now and have (lately) got to handle some more of the big names and the action/feel on this is up there I have a major Coke addiction so this just makes me grin…00a9d6cdd6fbd5b2499284325 (Hidden Content) ” That's a stunner! Bet it cost a fair few pennies more than my Beer Scout, though!

  • My first American slippy: image-proxy Also have a Tom's Choice #15 clip point Barlow in peach seed jig bone on the way...

  • Quote from bonzodog: “Quote from Platinum: “…………00a9d6cdd6fbd5b2499284325 ” my word,yes please ” That's a stunner!

  • Quote from Tigertim: “Just be aware of the shipping @Oxford_Guy ?! ” I know what to expect for that (and customs) after buying a #15 GEC Beer Scout recently... Unavoidable, though

  • Mikes doesn't have any left, but I found one from Gary at Northwest Knives

  • Quote from Tigertim: “@Oxford_Guy he's on here, send him a PM. I got one off him last month. I think so did @BKelly and a few others. @mikesknives may have some left ?! He's a good guy to deal with. ” Done, we'll see what he says

  • Quote from Tigertim: “Have you checked with Mike - @mikesknives ? ” I don't see it listed on his website

  • Hi am looking for a GEC Tom's Choice #15 Clip Point Barlow, no real preference in scales. i.e. something like the knife at the bottom of this pic (single blade only): image-proxy

  • Quote from josephmouse: “@Oxford_Guy ouch! Although I think that little beauty was worth it ” Sure, I was expecting to have to pay it, but don't regret ordering it, it's actually even nicer in the flesh than I thought it would be!

  • Quote from josephmouse: “Nice score @Oxford_Guy. Did you get stung for import duty? ” Yup, £23 went to HMRC

  • Tempted by this - GEC Tidioute Stallion #74 image-proxy

  • Not for me, still prefer Victorinox

  • With a SAK for scale: image-proxy

  • Mail call today! Loving this little fella, my first GEC (bought from here:…on-linen-micarta-153216cl ) image-proxy image-proxy

  • Quote from Platinum: “Best to take questions like that to PM @Oxford_Guy If you can wait a little bit the knife your looking for is the soon to be released Mini Lanny ” Oh really! Very interested... Or are you pulling my leg?

  • Quote from CragMasterCraig: “Frosty day up in Perthshire too...…00a9d6cdd6fbd5b2499284325 ” Great picture!

  • @Shing - are you able to make a Kittywake-pattern knife with a Lanny's Clip-style blade? If not, what would be the closest in size to a Kitywake with such a blade?