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  • So do I need to sharpen these knives at 15 degrees and then finish with a finer grit at 10 degrees? So if I'm honing with a ceramic, strop or stone do I just hone at 10 degrees before each use? If you watch the global sharpening videos the guy just uses the guid rail and sharpens at the same angle, he doesn't change the angle after.

  • Will take a look at that sharpener. My only issue is I already have stones and a ceramic steel also a strop on route so I was hoping to not spend to much more

  • Thanks for the super quick responses. I believe I've got the technique correct and my crappy knives seem to come up extremely well. I'm pretty sure the burr has gone but that's why I got the strop as I believe this removes the burr further or to a much lesser micron.

  • Hello all, I'm new to the forum and was hoping you are able to clear up a couple of things. I am a very keen cook and have been struggling with some james Martin knives for a few years. I have now decided to purchase a global ni set. After trying some other knives these felt the most comfortable, also I love the design. Anyway I'm just looking for some advice on how to keep the edge of the knife and then the process once they do need sharpening. From what I've read before and after using the kni…