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  • Nick Argy grinder advice

    currenthill - - Tools & Equipment


    I own two of Nicks grinders. One 7 mm chassis and one 5 mm chassis. Both with 3 HP motors and they share a VFD. I'd say that a 2 HP motor would be sufficient for almost every knifemakers task. Your money is better spent on variable speed and small wheels.

  • Yes. It's probably good enough. I'm just curious why I don't see the same numbers as the other guy. I'd rather dial the hardness down by temper, and get less retained austenite.

  • Great idea. I never thought about going higher with the temp. Do you have any experience with Niolox regarding what hardness to expect, at best, after plate quench. Before freeze.

  • Hi guys! I've trying to dial in a good heat treat for Niolox. I'm been reading up on the topic on this forum. For example this thread: Using anti scale Quote from Chris Grant: “Been hardness testing a batch of blades, Including 4mm Niolox; after an aluminium plate quench (in foil) + deep freezing (dry ice) & a 150C temper, I have 63-64.5 HRC, going to soften slightly needless to say, but no doubt in my mind that the plate quench is 100% success on thinner sections. ” Unfortunately I can't seem t…

  • Hollow grind calculator

    currenthill - - How do I...?


    Here is one:… Also in Excel:…