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  • Quote from DARJAC666: “@richp The sides are very ridged & noticeable to the touch but the cutting edge is conventional. The ridges make it a little more effort to keep clean but it's worth it for the unusual blade. ” Was tempted by a TI Korth with a similar blade, but held off as I wasn't sure on it. May have to revisit that one.

  • Quote from Paul W: “Quote from san-mai-usa: “I was told they used to be called Parson's Jack Russels, but the JRT club got funny about itShe's a former show dog that my next door neighbour just took on.Officially, she's a Parson Terrier apparently. ” This is correct, the breed was finally standardised by the KC a few years ago to enable people to show this ancient sporting breed, i just hope that they don't breed out all the best attributes in the proceess, as they have done with a lot of others…

  • Quote from Paul W: “Great photos Maurice, I didn't realise that you had acquired a JRT, quality entertainment guaranteed ” She's a former show dog that my next door neighbour just took on. Officially, she's a Parson Terrier apparently. I was told they used to be called Parson's Jack Russels, but the JRT club got funny about it. Lovely little thing called Shiva, and she slept the whole way back, more than my monster does…..

  • Found a rat in the van on the way back from Doncaster. Cute little thing that I collected for my next door neighbour. Onsviously I left Sunny down south, in case he though she was a "snack" for the journey.…………3c8e666c399d287b0c3bf92f5

  • Never pre judge the benefit of a good…3c8e666c399d287b0c3bf92f5

  • Quote from Jimmypie: “I would need this to match though dare you open ? Go on ... (Hidden Content) ” I sure I saw a Roo nut sack drinking flask somewhere. I'll try to dig it out. Won't type the next part that came to mind, in case I get banned. PM only.

  • Quote from Jimmypie: “Quote from vilePossum: “also roo ball sacks make for great coin pouches. ” pics or it never happened ” Ask an ye shall receive. You can order them from the scrotum gift shop on this site. The coin pouch is their best seller, but they also do a golf ball pouch. Nothing beats the real feel of that in your pocket, beating the bush to the green.

  • Quote from Platinum: “Quote from san-mai-usa: “The stippled tend to be used more for sheaths and boots, of which I have both. ” Gabbys Mulberry is made out of the stuff ,Crazy grain Kangaroo is my favourite leather ,Half the weight and twice as tough ! Also very much like Buffalo .....Not the leather ,just the taste ” My ostrich sheaths are white, which is a little funky, as it's only the fronts that are dyed. Have a pair of green stingray boots with green kangaroo quarters, amazing boots. Also …

  • Quote from Platinum: “:lol: Finally someone listened to my Rambles Really Beautiful strap @Eskrimador Aron does some lovely looking stuff...are you sure that's ostrich ? ” The stippled tend to be used more for sheaths and boots, of which I have both.

  • Quote from TallnHairyDave: “This should make @Platinum a very happy chap. Picture taken before clamping it up but after glue-up and removal of squeezed out epoxy. Just waiting for the epoxy to cure up now... I really wish I'd made this one for myself, I think it's one of the best marlinspikes I've done so far and I'll be sad to see it go. Ti6Al4V grade 5 titanium handle flame coloured, with a spike portion turned out of a length of "bluetongue" damasteel. Only thing I wish is that the damasteel …

  • Quote from Platinum: “How the hell did you get a camera in here ? ? ” You're talking to someone who managed to get all three of the colours of the Basilisk LE TI (which were limited to only 16 of each colour) and you ask a question like that?

  • Quote from Platinum: “Quote from san-mai-usa: “The less said about what's lurking around your halls Joel, the better. ” it's all smoke and mirrors ” And the less we know about the mirrors on your ceiling, while you're smoking in bed, the better. I can imaging you laying there having an "after smoke", caressing your Shing collection saying, "come to me my pretties". Sorry, there isn't a Golem imoji.

  • Quote from Platinum: “ 1000% When approached the right way Iv never failed to be helped or at the least guided to the answer of my question by the Members lurking these halls ” The less said about what's lurking around your halls Joel, the better.

  • Quote from xellos99: “WOW, if I ever need help with what Peli case to get I will ask on here lol. ” Ask away, they're a helpful bunch on here.

  • I use them for individual Vape mods, and plan to get some more.…3c8e666c399d287b0c3bf92f5

  • Quote from richp: “Sorry @san-mai-usa typo, meant to read 1020. ” Ah, you meant the little baby that I showed. I love them, they're cute.

  • Quote from richp: “@Platinum I have one or two of the 1200s doing not much if you decide to go that route... A question: do you need it to be portable? I ask, as I needed some storage for photo gear and ended up adding a load of foam to a footstool. It's the same pick and pluck style stuff from the Peli cases, so it would work to store knives. But as I say, it's not exactly portable...…3c8e666c399d287b0c3bf92f5…3c8e666c399d287b0c3bf92…

  • Or you could bulk buy the 1020, and have one for each folder Joel. It even comes with a handy wrist strap.…3c8e666c399d287b0c3bf92f5

  • size comparison Joel. 1550 on the bottom, then 1510, 1450 and on the top 1300. The 1510 looks bigger due to the wheels and retractable handle. I'd go 1450 at least if I were you, you're bound to get more folders......…3c8e666c399d287b0c3bf92f5

  • Quote from Platinum: “Thanks @Jimmypie that actually helps a lot @aribach Thank you for that man ,again it's a huge help Thank you Gents ...... So I might be looking at something smaller than a 1450 ....ideally holding about 40/50 slipjoints upright with a space between each I can see me at knives uk just asking makers to look at there cases ” This is the 1510 next to the 1450 size. I like the 1510, as it doubles nicely as indestructible carry on luggage. The smaller grey one in the group shot i…

  • Quote from banksy: “According to this and this they are made in China. According to this they are "made one by one in Portland, Oregon and although they aren’t cheap, they are heirloom quality blades that’ll make a nice gift for the grandkids one day." Take your pick ” Maybe you're meant get one of each to have the whole "global set". I know that line worked with me on the Replicant and the Basilisk R.

  • In a roundabout way.…3c8e666c399d287b0c3bf92f5

  • Quote from Platinum: “Any sizes people are more happy with? The great and powerful Pie has recomended the 1520 and that's looking good to me but was wondering about the next size down it a big step down ? ” Originally I found sizes by model number a little funky. That site I posted has internal chart size for the cases, see below.

  • Fire Friday :)

    san-mai-usa - - Knifey Chatter


    Quote from Coopster: “Which inspired me to do one 100x smaller... image-proxy Anyone got a match? ” Just getting a magnifying glass out to light some belly button flush Coop.

  • Quote from Platinum: “Quote from san-mai-usa: “I use these people for replacement foams, and they've always beaten Peli direct. May be worth chatting to or checking out. ” Thanks M will definitely check them out ” Check out the picture of my yellow folder case that I added Joel.

  • I use these people for replacement foams, and they've always beaten Peli direct. May be worth chatting to or checking out. They supplied me a nice yellow one for my folders.…3c8e666c399d287b0c3bf92f5

  • SKB make some great cases, although the one I have which contains two full sets of recuve, spare limbs, arrows and everything else I need, isn't quite up to my Peli's. Much lighter though and has wheels.

  • Quote from hughtrimble: “Knife Centre states that they're USA made…d-stainless-steel-handles ” Maybe it's like those expensive Russian knives that are made in China, but qualify due to assembly?

  • Quote from hughtrimble: “They don't seem to say where the knives are made, just imply it's in the USA. If they're imported don't they have to have the country of manufacturer marked on them? Or does a remover sticker suffice? ” Unless the rules have changed, knife imports to the USA have to have the country of manufacture on the knife. That was the issue when Chris Reeve moved to the USA, which is why they were marked South Africa. Some of the early South African made knives weren't marked, but …

  • Spinner knife

    san-mai-usa - - Production & Mid-Tech Knives


    Quote from BKelly: “Quote from Jimmypie: “Don't worry M , project spinnerbalisongupperswedge(sharpened)ninjabaconmaker is still good to go ” Im wearing my cuppa tea ” I didn't see the day glow kirinite liners in that spec Jim.

  • Spinner knife

    san-mai-usa - - Production & Mid-Tech Knives


    Quote from Jimmypie: “*books closed* ” Hope that isn't because you're missing fingers Jim. You still have some stuff to finish for me.

  • Spinner knife

    san-mai-usa - - Production & Mid-Tech Knives


    Quote from Platinum: “It's already been a little ripped off by one of the worlds most ridiculous knife creations (Hidden Content) ” Can see someone getting sued in the USA if that doesn't have a locking mechanism, so it can't spin when it's open….. And it doesn't appear to. Please say you didn't buy shares in them Joel, because some redneck will get hurt, and some one will sue on his behalf.

  • Quote from akacoach: “…3c8e666c399d287b0c3bf92f5 Now all I want is the same in XL! (Anyone know reliable contact details for Mr Perrin please?) ” You can get the La Griffe Tiger in both skeleton and G-10 options, but it's still only a 2.4" blade, 6.5" overall. Can't say I've seen many come up the size of that large one that I have. Quite a few of his knives that I own are one off's and customs that came direct from him at the Paris Knife Show years ago. edgematters.…

  • Quote from Paul W: “Quote from san-mai-usa: “Now that is very nice indeed. ” Indeed M, kitchen knives aren't my main thing, but on that one. ” Me neither, but everything is just right with that one. Even the sheath is like a quality frame doing justice to a masterpiece on canvas.

  • Quote from Paul W: “And hot off the press today (Hidden Content) ” Had to do a double take when I saw the "ceramic ball lock"……. Thought you'd started S&M posts again.

  • Quote from Jimmypie: “Tell us more M , I don't like brass but i could turn a blind eye to that one ” The fittings aren't brass Jim, they're nickel silver, maybe I need to clean my knives more often. It's a nice little compact tanto by Norman Bardsley, who sadly passed away in 2011. These might be from when it was cleaner.……3c8e666c399d287b0c3bf92f5

  • Fixed for fun today.……3c8e666c399d287b0c3bf92f5

  • Quote from Paul W: “This one, just enjoy the photo showcase folks…damascus-gyuto-with-ebony ” Now that is very nice indeed.

  • Can't say I seen that model before, but do like the blade profile. I fell in love with a similar shape when I got my first custom Paragon.……3c8e666c399d287b0c3bf92f5

  • Depending on your design, it's a good idea to check different makers in the maker section on this forum, and check that what you have in mind is along the lines of the maker you have mentioned. There's no point asking someone who makes traditional folders to knock up a katana for you. Likewise asking a fixed blade maker to make you a Tony Bose style slippie. When I have a design in mind, that dictates the selection of makers that I might approach. Post up what you want, or at least a description…