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  • Thanks guys…4b77255e902a80d72722a43dc

  • Thank you Gentlemen

  • That's Awesome ,Cheers Dave Can't wait

  • As most of you have already seen ,About a week ago I was lucky enough to be offered the first ever fully functional lock back made by shing and jumped at the chance ..……4b77255e902a80d72722a43dc Quickly to clarify/be clear ...I paid for this knife ,it's no sponsored review and it was only offered to me first because I was the one hounding him to make a lock back and got this whole thing rolling (you can thank m…

  • How the hell did you get a camera in here ? ?

  • PF-2

    Platinum - - Jimmypie


    So dawns the Dark Pie age

  • Quote from san-mai-usa: “The less said about what's lurking around your halls Joel, the better. ” it's all smoke and mirrors

  • Quote from xellos99: “WOW, if I ever need help with what Peli case to get I will ask on here lol. ” Quote from Hattori Hanzo: “Yup, I'm sure between the brains on here you can find anything you like out. ” 1000% When approached the right way Iv never failed to be helped or at the least guided to the answer of my question by the Members lurking these halls

  • Quote from Bazza: “ Tufnol or green canvas micarta, you know it makes sense! ” Tufnol is looking favourite at the moment

  • One I really can't start

  • Quote from Jimmypie: “@Platinum What I'm struggling with here is for a man that has 30 Shing folders and a few other pieces kicking around ... why your limiting yourself to just one pelican case ... Surely this is just the first pelican case , so just get one .. Any one .. And fill it then get another , and so on and eventually you'll find the right one , a bit like knives ” I haven't got 30 Shing folders !....that would be a ridiculous amount !! Space is limited to about two cases max

  • Outstanding !! The whole setup is ridiculous ,I'm not jealous at all .....congrats man Notice how the yellow just brings the whole thing together

  • Quote from Hattori Hanzo: “The Bullnose is just Orange Delrin I'm afraid. ” Dis one (Hidden Content)

  • Quote from Hattori Hanzo: “@Platinum your stuck on a colour ” No ,not at all ,that's the only thing I can decide on

  • Really big thanks all ,that's really very helpful @san-mai-usa M the 1300 looks a good size ,might pick up one and a 1400 @richp Just all kinds of Awesome ,if I could that would be the way I'd go but just not viable for me right now ...but thanks for showing it ,Really cool @Chui Thanks for the advice Paul But this is probably not going to leave the house or extreamly rarely if that .....So I can be as loud as I like Actually thinking of one in yellow and one in grey ....thanks again it's a good…

  • Show us your Shing

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    Quote from silverpete: “Arrived Friday image-proxy ” Sweet Jebus that's nice Congrats what a great birthday present

  • Quote from Hattori Hanzo: “@jan There's a even been a special @Platinum edition #14…4b77255e902a80d72722a43dc ” That's awfully kind of you Hattori ,You got my address, Right ? Is the bullnose the same material or is it Delrin

  • No ,no ,no ,no ,no


  • I'm currently looking at this by @Alan Wood look at the picture atleast once a week and repeatedly slap myself for not pulling the trigger on it…4b77255e902a80d72722a43dc Also recently seen this killer piece by the man himself……4b77255e902a80d72722a43dc

  • Quote from Hattori Hanzo: “There's just something about Kerry Hampton's knives that make me drool…4b77255e902a80d72722a43dc ” couldn't agree more man ,there's just something wonderful about them He's a maker Iv tried chasing and like KR Johnson ...I failed One I posted before ,love the acid etch blades…4b77255e902a80d72722a43dc

  • Your a star M thanks very much that's really brilliant !! 1450 is looking good ,your probably right

  • Sorry B They have to be a matching set it's calling me (Hidden Content)

  • Quote from BKelly: “I keep each of my Mason's in a seperate 1550.…4b77255e902a80d72722a43dc ” Love it !!! Bravo that man

  • If this thread achieves nothing else ,It was worth it ,to see the Masons broke out

  • Thanks @Jimmypie that actually helps a lot @aribach Thank you for that man ,again it's a huge help Thank you Gents ...... So I might be looking at something smaller than a 1450 ....ideally holding about 40/50 slipjoints upright with a space between each I can see me at knives uk just asking makers to look at there cases

  • Iv had worse days With thanks to @Bazza and the EM team…4b77255e902a80d72722a43dc Now all I got to do is figure out where KamSingh gets that killer yellow G.10 .....or Maybe tufnol is called for

  • Show us your Shing

    Platinum - - Shing


    Quote from akacoach: “Here are some of those I have passed on to others : ” Your now dead to me Absolute beauty's you had there ,that white raven

  • Does anyone Use them anymore?

    Platinum - - Using Knives


    Quote from Paul W: “ And is it a bitch to sharpen Jim? ” Easier to get shaving sharp than S30v in my opinion

  • Does anyone Use them anymore?

    Platinum - - Using Knives


    Quote from Jimmypie: “Niolox @Platinum , loving using it , it's just the grinding , it eats belts at a 2-1 ratio over say O1 ” That'll be the Chrome and Niobium content ? Great steel ,just keep reading good things about it

  • Does anyone Use them anymore?

    Platinum - - Using Knives


    Quote from Jimmypie: “Processing last weeks bamboo harvest into bonfire fodder…4b77255e902a80d72722a43dc ” Is that the one in Niolox or N690 Jim .....How you finding the steel ?

  • 2 x 1450's or 1 x 1520 that is the question Long shot Anybody got one of each...they could take a picture of ,Please ? @aribach sorry to tag you in but what you using man ,I do believe Iv seen Masons resting in a Peli

  • Quote from akacoach: “…4b77255e902a80d72722a43dc”

  • Quote from Eskrimador: “@san-mai-usa Haiku inspired build by John April. Tom's all the rage these days: image-proxy ” What happens if a hord of Zombies or say jimmy savil came crashing thru the woodwork into your house and your knife is looking like this Really Beautiful find Rich

  • Quote from Err: “@Platinum the Shing is a proper man size lockback! That Dunlap though ” Thanks man,Yeah it's definitely man sized ....Or in other words proper size Because It locks (sorry I know you know this) ,I need good reason to carry it and that'll cover the blade length to ,So might as well have a decent length to it The Dunlap is up there for contender to my favourite folder of all time ,Absolutly adore the thing

  • Quote from vilePossum: “who was the evil genius who dreamed that up? Anyways, I assume shing is already on the case ” Sakcustom58s on instagram is responsible for those Who is this Shing you mention


  • Spydernox…………4b77255e902a80d72722a43dc

  • Quote from Hattori Hanzo: “Quote from Platinum: “Quote from Bracco: “What do you think about this Lanny,s from Ricardo Romano from Brasil ? The bolsters are integral made. ” Beautiful!!I'm on the list for one ,only another year to go ” Isn't it nearly time for this? What you got planned. ” Romano should be here by Christmas ,very excited about it Hopefully my Dowell will beat it Though not as excited as I am to join that other exclusive club of owners ....if he's forgiven me

  • If you go down to the woods today…4b77255e902a80d72722a43dc