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  • from south west scotland
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  • Trap1 -

    Hi Glyn, Posted this morning (RM signed for..) & should arrive next 2 days! Enjoy!! :- )

  • glyn -

    HI JOHN yes someone in most days so no worries !


  • Trap1 -

    Cheers Glyn, ye're just doon the road from me (I fished the R.Annan for many years!) I'll probably get it off to you on Tues. & you'll get it probably Thurs/ there someone in most days? Best wishes to you & yours!

  • glyn -

    hiya john ,its

  • Trap1 -

    Hi Glyn,
    Can you send me your full postal address & I'll get the DVD off to you this coming week!

    Best Regards