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  • Shing -

    Hi Jaime, thanks for the offer, I was after some 1mm thick G10 because the 1.5mm is a little too thick but I might take you up on it later. Have you sent the rods yet, if you like I can tap them for you since its easier to do in a lathe.

    • Steel Nutter -

      Cheers shing, Just checked I have 1mm in red or blue I'll send you some with the rod tomorrow. If you could tap them as well that would be great thanks. Tap m5 please

  • reeveknives -

    I think mines the 13.5 that's the length you can fit inside. The deeper it is the more expensive. I'd also go for the rampmaster control

  • reeveknives -

    Hi mate. Ceramic choice up in Scotland. About £1200