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  • Knife nut -

    Hi bud as the boker trapper sold ?

  • TheDigicore -

    hey mate, is the kara hawk still for sale?



  • Paul W -

    Very generous offer re the EMpingo Darren, and if you are feeling on a roll, I will take the Fenman HE ;)

  • kitman22 -

    Hi Darren. Hope you have been well. Kit here, You bought the Andre Thorburn L36 Flipper from me a while back. Just wanted to ask, should you ever wish to move it on that you might consider giving me a heads up. Its one that I do regret letting go.

    Best regards


  • DARJAC666 -

    Only just seen this .
    My apologies & thanks for the offer Matt


  • Polardiver -


    Hope you enjoy the new place. I looked at it last time it was on the market! I'm only a few miles from you, do a bit of shooting in the area and attempt to make the odd knife. If you fancy an afternoon busting clays or punching holes drop me a line. Happy to help with making/heat treating too......

    On a more practical note - I have a mate who owns a removals company based just up the road from you in Dobwalls if you need that kind of thing.....good guy.

    All the very best,


  • fluffy -

    did you have any luck with the stuff for that broken motorbike?

  • san-mai-usa -

    Yep, fraid so.

  • san-mai-usa -

    Not quite a case of leaving the US as such. In reality, I live in the UK, but have a vacation home in the US, which is why I can collect items that I couldn't over here. They won't let us live permanently over there, so at some point, I may have to give up all the fun stuff.........

    • DARJAC666 -

      Damn Maurice.....that bloody sucks mate !
      All those wonderful knives.
      How do they define live these days ?

    • san-mai-usa -

      180 days of the year. They used to have a retirement visa, but have now done away with it. I can buy the house, 2 cars, pay insurance, have a driving licence, pay tax.........but not live there.

    • DARJAC666 -

      That's what I thought mate....Friends of mine retired to Florida 15 yrs ago...they're still there, but quite old !
      Jesus, that really sucks mate. Is there anything you can do ?

    • san-mai-usa -

      Nope. If I want to live there, I either marry someone or invest in, or create a business that will employ something like 10 locals. If I'm relocating my ass over there, I certainly don't intend to work.....

    • DARJAC666 -

      I've read the conditions now in force for visa & green card...jesus, they really want their cake & eat it don't they !